Zirafah Stainless Steel Round Shape Roll Top Chafing Dish ø470mm x (H)440mm

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Product Description

Preparing meals in large quantities can be a challenge, especially when it comes to maintaining the right temperature. It is therefore essential to have the necessary tools to help you serve warm, delicious dishes throughout the day especially during the festive season. Now with the Zirafah Chafing Dish, you need not worry about serving warm food to your guests.

Quality and Easy Cooking
Zirafah is known for its line of high quality products that aid you in your kitchen escapades. The Zirafah Round Shape Roll TopSize Chafing Dish is a durable serving dish set made from high quality stainless steel. It conducts heat well and is easy to manage, making it a popular choice for your food serving needs.

Keeping Food Warm & Appetising Longer!
The design features a stainless steel tray that is placed on a stainless steel frame. The frame presents a burner stand on the bottom for easy placement of the food burner. Just place the convenient burner under the serving dish, and your food will stay warm for as long as the candle keeps burning. Get this amazing set today and never worry about slaving in the kitchen when you entertain.


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