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Lacoste Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc Cologne by Lacoste, One of the brand’s most beloved scents, Lacoste Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Blanc or white is a rich and woody but gentle fragrance that pairs well with your fresh elegant ensemble. It opens with top notes of tangy grapefruit with a dash of rosemary and cardamom. The heart is made up of soft floral notes of ylang-ylang and tuberose. Finally, the base notes are made up of the potent scents of cedar, leather, suede, and vetiver. The scent is pleasant but not overpowering, so you can feel confident wearing it whether you’re at work, at the gym, at a party, or on a date. 

This is a Dubai grade 5A perfume, the quality is superb for its affordable price, the ingredients are usually imported from France or other European countries and it is manufactured in Dubai to replicate the original scent.  It can last anywhere from 4 – 8 hrs (depending on skin type).


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