X Hose High Pressure Water Jet



Product Description :

The Water Jet is the ultimate cleaning solution without the expensive power washer. It safely reaches areas that need to be cleaned and is powerful enough to blast dirt and rocks from anywhere. Using the Water Jet, you can blast weeds and dirt from car wheels, wood, aluminum siding, patios, pool decks, driveways and more.

Safely reach second floor windows while standing on the ground. Clean your boat, decks and engines with ease. The Water Jet also makes quick work of cleaning mud and dried-on dirt from sidewalks, boots or landscaping tools. Despite the power focused jet spray, the attachment is user-friendly, with an ergonomic handle and a lightweight yet rugged aluminum tube.


*Easily connects to any garden hose

*Adds power to your pre-existing garden hose

*Water Jet has an exclusive system that allows you to control the flow of water

*Change the spray (stream/fan spray) by unwinding and screwing on the desired nozzle

*Locking thumb operated control valve

*Silent operation; no electricity, gas or motor needed

*Durable aluminum and stainless steel construction

*Rigid Metal Lance

*Ergonomic rubber grip

*To open the flow, adjust the lever to the ON position

*To close the flow adjust the lever to the OFF position

*Extra power for cleaning cars, boats, RVs, driveway awnings and more!

*Water Jet is perfect for cleaning your home, car, garden and high reach windows

*Remove built-up dirt and mold using only water

* Blast weeds and grime from brick and concrete patios, pool decks and sidewalks

*Safely reach and clean 2nd story windows

*Remove wasps' nests from a safe distance


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