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Original Japan Anello Mottled Polyester Mini 2-Way Boston Shoulder Bag + Pouch AT-C1835


Made in Japan



Product Description :


A new series of highly popular high-density heat-resistant polyester fabrics has appeared! Combined with a seat belt tape with a beautiful shiny finish to an elegant impression. The mini Boston shoulder bag with a colon and cute form is a 2WAY specification from which the shoulder can be removed, and the pouch attached as an inner pocket can also be removed! It is more storage capacity than it looks because there are firm gore.


Brand : Original Anello
Item Number : AT-C1835
Colour : Nude Pink, Charcoal Gray, Beige, Denim Blue
Material : Polyester
Weight : Approximately 380 g , Pouch : 60 g 
Size : Approximately (W)26cm (H)19cm (D)12cm 
Shoulder strap length : Approximately 74 - 131 cm
Opening Main : Fastener
Gender : Unisex
Accessory : shoulder strap (removable)


Pocket number :

Main body

- main mouth × 1 
- inside pocket × 3 
- outside pocket × 4 



- main mouth × 1 
- Outside pocket × 2 


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