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Original Japan Anello Big Size Backpack Rucksack Unisex Canvas Quality Bag 



Product Description :


Anello classic square backpack with a characteristic matte fabric, mothers bag. The main pocket is easy to move in and out with a large opening, there are pockets where zipper pocket on the front and plastic bottle on the side can be put in. There is a belt button on the top handle, conveniently closed closed conveniently without closing the zipper, there are also fastener pockets on the back side and so rich storage. It is a square bag with calm matt.


Condition : New 100% authentic

Brand : Anello

Designed by : Carrot Co. in Japan

Product Code : AT-B2811

Colour : Gray / Orange

Gender : Unisex

Material : Polyurethane (PU) 

Weight : Approximately 590 g 

Capacity : 18 L 

Opening Main : Fastener

Possession length : Approximately 35cm 

Shoulder string length : Approximately 42 ~ 87cm 

Size : Approximately 27cm x 40cm x17cm


Pocket Number :


Main mouth × 1 

inside pocket × 2 

outside pocket × 3 

direct connection fastener × 1 


Features :


  • It is an Anello's mouthpiece backpack. Material using  bright and coloring mat rubber, an sporty impression to public
  • Inner of the back and shoulder  using a mesh material with good ventilation, rear shoulder  using cushion on the bottom part for more comfortable carry. 
  • Zip pocket at front, open pockets on both sides. Two convenient open pockets inside the main storage. 
  • There is a zip on the back side which is connected to the main storage, you can take out your stuff from your bag while you carrying it.


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