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Collagen & hyaluronic acid works magic not only on your skin, but on your hair too!

Leaving it naturally smooth, like virgin hair!



Collagen Hair care for


Used by Professional Salon Stylists

Instant results

(non-oily and non greasy)

A T Professional Paris Collagen Hair Serum with Vitamin C + hyaluronic acid (120ml) (bestseller)

AT Professional Paris Collagen Organic Hair Serum

As seen on Vivi (Japan) magazine ,”Beauty Secrets spotted”

(April 2013 issue)




Actual product (Before and after)


Adds moisture to hair , Fragrant, Ultra smoothing, Anti-Frizz benefits (Moderate to intensive hair care)


OrganicSerum is enriched with mineral ,plant extracts, Collagen extracts to restore dry, damaged due tochemicals and heat damage. It also contains Adequate Active Collagen and HyaluronicAcid to  provide non oily & easy tospread emoliency onto hair as well as  improve softness  and enhances shine. No more bad hair days with the usage of this serum!

SS Personal Review:
Personally, I have dyed my hair at least 3 times the past year and have bleached the bottom half 3 times at least due to dip dyeing from pink to blonde, touching up my dip dyes and thereafter dyeing my locks back to dark brown.Due to all the abuse my hair endured it became really dry and frizzy, it's depressing to look at my hair in the mirror as it's a bad hair day almost everyday. I have previously used serums from other brands but did not like it all that much due to the greasy and oily texture making my hair look greasy. ntil I found this collagen serum recommended by a hairstylist friend. It leaves my hair siky smooth and so much more manegeable without the greasy look. It gives a matte finish yet leaving the hair feeling soft to the touch.

I find it useful as a heat protectant serum before i use any heat curling/straightening irons too. as it prevents my hair from getting dryer/frizzier than it actually is already from the numerous dyeing and chemical damage.

If you are looking for mild care only, the collagen cream would do. If you prefer something with better results and intensive care, the serum will be a better option.


التوصيل تاخر في الوصول و خدمة عملاء سوق رمان اعتذروا لي شكرا
صراحه حبيت هذا المنتج كويس للشعر و ما يعطيه لمعة بزياده حلو شكرا سوق رمان
نوعيته ممتازة مناسب لشعري و حلو و التوصيل مره سريع شكرا سوق رمان
منتج جميل وخدمة عملاء سوق رمان مره كويسين ومتابعتهم للمنتجات تفووووز شكرا
سيروم مره رهيب و التوصيل سريع شكرا سوق رمان
مناسب لشعر المصبوغ , السعر جيد, الرائحة جميلة, الشحن سريع

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