The announcement of the winners in the Instagram Video Competition

Hesham Alzubairi


Finally, the competition has finished after five months, and the eRomman market is a pleasure to announce the winners. It offers the warmest congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Instagram Video Competition, which started on September 20, 2019, until January 31, 2020.


During this competition, 116 contestants competed to make many videos with innovative and distinctive ideas. They have 2 million views during the competition in the Instagram app, through which the competition took place.


Unfortunately, only 14 participants will be awarded a prize for the competition. There are 3 subscribers in the first three ranks, and there are ten others who received appreciation awards as their participation had a large number of viewers. For that, eRumman market decided to choose one winner who will obtain the creative award for the one who presented the best video with the best content.


We offer the winners of the Instagram video contest the best blessings, and they are


The three winners of the first places


• The winner of the first place


Influencer: Kholoud Hammoud Al-Jawhari

Prize: SAR 2,000 (SAR 1,000 in cash, SAR 1,000 shopping voucher)

Instagram Account: tjarb_lodh

Views: 628,563 views.


• The winner of the second place

Influencer: Jude Osman Sheikh Abdul Rahman

Prize: SAR1,000 (SAR  500 in cash, SAR  500 shopping voucher)

Instagram Account: joo0d_stars

Views:511,956 views.



• The winner of the third-place

Influencer: Sheikha Nasser Musleh Al-Harbi

Prize: SAR 600 (SAR  300 in cash, SAR  300 shopping voucher)

Instagram Account: shee_1418 

Views:451,542 views.


Award winners

eRumman market was keen to present an appreciation award which is a shopping voucher of SAR 50, as some participants received a large number of views:


• Influencer: Maha Mohammed 

Views: 106,449

Instagram Account:moka_beauty


• Influencer: Ala Khalid Mohammed  


Instagram account: jyh 


• Influencer: Reem Mohammed Al-Otaibi


Instagram Account:norah_ghena


• Influential: Maryam Sirajuddin


Instagram Account: mariim4


Influencer: Faisal Hussein Al-Hamidi


Instagram Account:Fx___m


• Influencer: Ali Ahmed Zakaria Al-Hawsawi

Views: 11,052

Instagram Account:3li18


• Influencer: Laura Ahmed 

Views: 9,108

Instagram Account: lora_a20


• Influential: Ghazalan Fahad Hammoud Al-Qahtani


Instagram Account: ziz_fqh


• Influential: Ward Abdul Aziz 


Instagram Account: girl_rt


• Influencer: Khuloud Ramadan Al-Omari


Instagram Account:ki3.1


Creative Content Award


In view of the content of the videos, eRomman market team decided to give the award for the best content presented with a prize of SAR 400 in cash. The winner of the Creative video competition:


• Influencer: Mashari Ghazi Hilal


Instagram account: msharihilal


Our best wishes to all in the upcoming competitions.