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SK-II Pitera Daily Essentials Travel Set 5 with Free Cosmetic Pouch


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

SK-II’s signature product, the much-loved and most awarded bestseller, Facial Treatment Essence has over 90% Pitera™, the miracle ingredient discovered over 30 years ago that remains essentially unchanged till today.
Its irreplaceable formula gently exfoliates the face and helps moderate the skin surface renewal cycle.
In just 14 days, your skin’s 5 dimensions are visibly transformed: spots are less visible, appearance of wrinkles is reduced, skin texture is more refined, firmness is improved, and radiance is beautifully elevated. Skin becomes breathtakingly crystal clear.



SK-II R.N.A Power Radical New Age

New R.N.A POWER ESSENCE brings you the next level of firmness - lengthwise-crosswise firmness from every angle - for a moist glowing look after 10 days
In just one day, this moisturising cream gives you firmness from every angle. In 10 days, signs of ageing skin diminishes so that skin becomes firmer, smoother, tighter, and more radiant. After one jar, fine lines appear less defined. Use in tandem with the essence to get the full effect of Pitera™ and Radical New Age Complex. Embrace a future of youthful beauty.



SK-II R.N.A Power Eye Cream 

R.N.A.Power Eye Cream has a light creamy texture that’s easily absorbed by skin, filling it with moisture. It also has a light fragrance that will help relax you

as you care for your skin.



SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion

This effective toning lotion with a mix of AHA and Pitera™ exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities.
Its clarifying formula prepares the face for the rest of your skincare regimen.



SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence

The journey into skin's dazzling brightness begins with the greatest whitening breakthrough ever engineered in SK-II's laboratories. GenOptics Aura Essence Recoded with PITERATM-infused GenOptics Aura Complex, it reduces skin's hidden and visible dark formations to reveal spot-less aura. An aura that leaves skin looking glowing and radiant from within.

A new, specially designed auto-fill dropper dispenses one full drop that delivers the optimal Essence power for visible results. Lightweight and milky-smooth, the Essence spreads easily and is quickly absorbed by skin.

Begin your regimen by applying Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, which will prime and prepare skin for the next two steps. Continue with Facial Treatment Essence for a gentle exfoliating experience. Finish by releasing your spectacular spot-less aura from within with GenOptics Aura Essence.






1 x SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 30ml

1 x SK-II R.N.A Power Radical New Age 15g

1 x SK-II R.N.A Power Eye Cream 2.5g

1 x SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 30ml

1 x SK-II GenOptics Aura Essence 10ml




SK-II Pitera Daily Essentials Travel Set 5 with Free Cosmetic Pouch


Notes on SK-II products:
1. We stock-in 100% genuine SK-II products, you will see "Made in Japan" on the packing. A number of SK-II items do not have instruction manual inside the box, you may find the English ingredient and English/Chinese/Japanese product description on the packing/ product. 
2.  We offer SK-II trial size or miniature size for sale to give our customers an opportunity to try before buying an actual size product. You may see "Not for Sale" on the packing but it does not affect product quality and these without box samples are 100% genuine and manufactured by SK-II too. We will mention (Trial size) / (Miniature size) next to product size to indicate. 
3. The production date printed on the packing was manufactured in and it lasts for 3 years.


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