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Original Nshhaz Booster Whitening Premium (3g x 20 sachet)


- 10x double white.
- The skin becomes pinkish as early as 7 days.
- Get rid of old scars.
- Narrow the pore open.
- Take care of the skin from the inside.
- Shrink it off
- Get rid of toxins in the basement
- Fluffy, moist & pink skin
- Eliminates pigmentation and dark circles and eye pockets
- Tightens wrinkled skin to look youthful
- Increases blood circulation throughout the body.
- Tightens skin tone throughout the body.
- Softens skin like baby skin.
- Breastfeeding mothers are encouraged to eat booster whitening.
- May prevent cancer.

very tasty flavor, (passion fruit)

1box per month.

*FREE postage


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