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Your Reliable "Tii-Rex" Fearless Shirt Wear Brand T-Shirts Highlight! 

Casual and comfort wear. Suits for most occasions. Even just to wear them only under your outfits, roll your sleeves, with jeans, or layered under jackets with some trendy simple designs on tees, that's absolutely will give you a smart look and intelligent to people.

Designer & Graphic T-Shirt
Wedding Kingdom Anniversary Celebration Round Neck Cotton Couple T Shirt
Materials: 100% Cotton
Type: Round Neck, Unisex shirt
Color: Black
Size(s): XS, S, M, L, XL

Product Care: Turn the Tees Inside Out to wash in order to reduce the friction that causes the printed design to loosen and flake. This will also prevent the colour from fading. Preferably wash in cold water.

i) Above images are for illustrative purposes only. Actual colour may vary slightly.


ما أقدر أوصف لكم جماااال التيشرتات ، مررره حبيت الكوليكشن غير ان توصيلهم مرره سريع و خدمتهم مره كويسه

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