Unique and innovative gift ideas for Eid

gift ideas for Eid


Gifts are given to express the feeling within a person, whether that expression is the result of feeling love or apology and respect, and when anyone thinks of giving a gift to someone else, a lot of ideas come to your head, but you will face many questions, first of all, will that person love the gift that I will give to ...?!



Unique and innovative gift ideas


Choosing gifts isn't as easy as anyone can imagine, several factors make it difficult for you, and force you to enter into a spiral full of options to choose the right choice for the right person.

In order to offer an integrated gift, your gift must meet the basic requirements that make it innovative and unique, away from the traditional ideas of gift selection, here are ideas for new and modern gifts that you can offer to the desired person.



1. Electronic Gifts

It is an era of modernization and development, and of course, electronic devices are the most popular and well-known. Therefore, providing an electronic gift is more than great, you can choose many devices depending on the age or personality of the person.

Here's a choice of eRomman market for electronic devices that deserve to be a gift.

Electronic Gifts

Shop for your grandfather with high speakers from the Electronics department, from Mobiles section.


Electronic Gifts

Shop smart glasses for your brother from Electronics department, from \ Smart Glasses section. 



2. Fashion Gifts

Some love fashion, especially young people, so choosing something new and modern will be great for them, here are the latest fashion releases in eRomman.

Fashion Gifts

Shop stylish blue corrugated shoes as a gift from the Women Fashion department, in Snickers section.


Presenting a gift to a close friend is the easiest thing to do, you know of course what she likes and hates, then you can easily give gifts to friends for memory,  just looking for ideas for simple gifts for friends, you'll find those ideas here in eRomman Market.

Fashion Gifts

You can shop stylish bag for your girlfriend as a gift from Women Fashion department, in Bags and Accessories section. 



3. Cosmetic Gifts

Women were known for their love of make-up and cosmetics, but will cosmetic gifts be a good choice?


You may find it hard to look for gift ideas for girls, and you may also think about the difficulty of giving a gift like this because you don't know what kind of makeup you like or what suits her skin and cancel out the idea, but I'm here to tell you that a cosmetic gift is the best that any girl can get.


It's easier than you think, a gift that is appropriate to its nature, and I'll give you some options to help you to choose the gift.

Cosmetic Gifts

Shop nail drying device as a gift from Health & Beauty department, in Nail care section.


Choosing a cosmetics bag, and filling it with skincare products, moisturizers and creams from the make-up department and presenting it as a great gift.


4. Big Gifts

What's the benefit of buying a gift for someone who won't use that gift...?


A lot of people make a mistake while buying a gift for someone who has the same gift or doesn't use it, it's a disturbing idea that makes you feel bad every time you see your gift as it is, so make sure you choose the gift that the person lacks, even if it is worthless in your opinion.


A new oven will, of course, be your mother's best gift for better food cooking than the one you make with her old oven, and you'll find the best kitchenware at eRomman with affordable prices and excellent quality.

Big Gifts

Shop an electric oven from the Home Appliances department. in oven section.


You may think of something that will please that hardworking student, and you will look a lot for gift ideas for the outstanding students to make your child or your best friend happy to encourage him to continue hard when coming to school here is eRomman market that gives you the idea of offering a 4-foot desk table.

Big Gifts

Shop this desk from the Furniture & Decoration department, in home office section. 



5. Gracious Gifts

The idea of gracious gifts or modest gifts has emerged in recent times of thoughts for gracious gifts, like a bouquet of roses next to a box of letters, or a chocolate bouquet, and this idea has spread recently, this idea is distinctive especially when presenting to someone who likes to eat chocolate.


You can also offer an attractive keyring or keynote to someone to remember you every time they look at their key, or you can present books, notes, and book breaks as a gift to someone who likes to read or write.

Gracious Gifts

Shop Bookmark from Stationery department, in Drawing, Drafting & Crafting section.


Gracious Gifts

Shop key case from the Bags department, in Key Holder section.



6. Regular Gifts

You can also refer to regular gifts, several traditional gift ideas that are usually offered at events, so you can also shop these gifts to save your time if you're not free to buy the gift.


Some people are looking for ideas for modest gifts to give, and some believe that modest present thought is always the best; this does not mean modest gifts are not perfect, on the contrary, gift's purpose lies in giving it with love.


  • Perfumes

Although perfumes are regular gifts, they are more romantic; when you present a fragrance as a gift, you convey your feelings and feelings to them, depending on the choice of the right kind of that perfume.


Shop this fragrance as a gift from Beauty department, in Perfume for Women section.


  • Body Mist

If you don't know the person's favorite fragrance scent you want to give, you can buy a range of fresh body mist as a gift.

Body Mist

Shop eRomman body mists from Beauty department, in Perfume for Women section.


  • Watches

You can shop for an elegant and attractive watch as a gift for someone that will help you approximate the distances between you and force them to remember you whenever they look at that watch.


Shop unsexes from the Men fashion department, in Casual Watch section. 



Tips before shopping gifts

What gift should I choose, and what will my gift look like, and is he going to like it?


We have a lot of questions before shopping anything, but it increases when we buy a gift for someone this gift will be a front for our personality and a proof of love, appreciation, respect or anything else, so we are here to give you the necessary advice to always choose the right gift.


How do I choose a suitable gift?


You may have this question, of course, don't worry, there are a few things you should know well before you rush and buy a gift, and I will mention some tips to help you when buying gifts.



1. Choose the right time

Choose always the right time to present the present and the bias of the periods in which you must give a gift such as birthdays, wedding events, and travel.

Choose the right time

Shop this book as a wedding note for your girlfriend from Stationery department, in Drawing, Drafting & Crafting section.



2. First check your budget 

Before you make a gift purchase, check your budget; choose the one that suits your budget.



3. Choose the right gift

Choose the right gift for each person, depending on their age and what they like or love, to impress the person you would like to give them.

Choose the right gift

Shop this stuffed doll from Toys & Games department, in Stuffed toys section.


Shop great and innovative gifts with eRomman ideas for modest gifts and choose surprise ideas for friends and new ideas from gifts only from eRomman.