The Newest Clothes For The Heavy Woman From eRomman market 

Clothes For The Heavy Woman


Usually fat woman cannot find suitable clothes for them because most of the shops and markets are full of suitable clothes for thin woman. In addition, they waste long time in searching for shops and markets that sell good clothes for them. Therefore, most of them decide to lose weight, and this is a very hard decision because it takes a very long time.


Until then, we can help you choose modern and stylish models to regain your ideal weight and feel confident about what you're wearing.



Fashion for the heavy woman


Your full body will not prevent you to look stylish, on the contrary, all you need is to choose the right clothes and colors just to look feminine and have complete co

nfidence, so I will show you the fashion of 2020 clothes for the heavy woman.    


1. Patterned Clothes

This year's patterned clothes are the fashion, so choosing a stylish patterned dress will be e a great choice and make you look more attractive. .Patterned Clothes

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In general, patterned clothes are elegant and particularly attractive, but in particular, patterned dresses take up a lot of fashion, so don't hesitate to buy a patterned dress to keep up with this year's fashion.

.Patterned Clothes

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As well as patterned skirts, hide many of the body's flaws, especially the buttock area.

Patterned Clothes

Shop a patterned skirt from the women's clothing section of  women's fashion department.


2. Karohat Clothing

Karohat clothing, in general, has a special feature and a formal chic look. Although the karohat wear looks formal, it is also very elegant, so if you are a fan of karohat, don't hesitate to shop for karoh dresses and blouses.

Karohat Clothing

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3. Mid-top sweaters

Blouses are generally important for women's elegance, so make sure you buy women's blouses from the bottom of the chest to be fashionable.

Mid-top sweaters

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Mid-top sweaters

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4. Women's Skirts

Skirts are a garment that women like to wear skirts frequently, but they may have a fat body that makes them very disappointed, but do not worry, there are perfect cuts for those who are fat . 


Fish-shaped skirts are very useful for hiding the appendages in the body, especially the buttocks area because it is the fattest area, so do not hesitate to buy a skirt in the form of a fish and feel confident when wearing it.

Women's Skirts

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Skirts are not forgotten in different layers as they attract attention away from the durability of your body

Women's Skirts

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5. Sleeveless blouses 

Sweaters of this kind are popular ones that are more suitable for fat girls, So do not miss the opportunity to shop for skirts of this kind to look more attractive.

 Sleeveless blouses 

Stylish women's blouses from the women's clothing department in the women's fashion department.



6. Loose Clothing

Loose clothes are particularly attractive and will be your best choice, so no matter how big your body is when you're going for a picnic, a party, or anywhere else.

Loose Clothing

Shop a loose striped dress from the women's fashion. Section.


Loose Clothing

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Tips for slim body


Obesity generates a feeling of Lack of self-confidence and prevents many from going out to parties and events. This behavior of course is childish, you should face your problem and seek to solve it by following advice that will help you and make you look less fat than you are

Tips for slim body

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1. Determine the type of your body

The first step you should take is to know your body type is. After that you can wear clothes that suit you. 


For example, if you have an apple body, loose clothing with a waistband or ruffles will be your best choice..

Determine the type of your body

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2. Choose a suitable color

Colors reflect either negatively or positively directly on your body, so buying a blouse that doubles your body size. This will bother you later and you only wear it a few times


So before buying, make sure you choose the right color for you and prefer to choose dark colors as it absorbs fat body, as opposed, light colors give a double-sized body..

Choose a suitable color

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Some vital colors are fine, but avoid colors that double your body .

Choose a suitable color

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 3. Hide your body's flaws

It's hard to find clothes for obese women like those designed for graceful women, so you only find loose clothes as an option.

Hide your body's flaws

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To overcome this point, always choose the clothes that hide your body's imperfections. Such as those wasted from the abdominal area. These types hide your body's size and show it more gracefully.

Hide your body's flaws

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Be self -confident while you are shopping in eRomman