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Royal Selangor


Years of leadership and development that Royal Selangor made in the field of gifts, decorations, and cutlery. It is still the leader in this field, and its career has not ended in 134 years to become its products part of eRomman online marketplace that is considered a link between you and the products you want to acquire.


Royal Selangor, which has been standing since its founding in 1885, has a long history that began with a jug carried by Yong Koon from the Chinese port to Malaya for sale, the jug trade expanded very quickly in that time. That is the reason for the quality of the manufacture and its elegant shape.


Royal Selangor has become part of eRomman to continue its tendering in eRomman online marketplace which offers the best buy methods and provides everything that comes in your mind; this is the secret for its existence in eRomman, which eRomman is always looking for all things that matter its customers and offers many products that are difficult to provide in any regular markets and deliver them with guaranteed and secure shipping capabilities and big discounts now and then.


You can now shop all the jugs, gifts and decorations of cutlery that Royal Selangor made from eRomman in different payment methods and in the currencies of your country or place where you live, so it's easy to compare the price of the product and shop what fits your available money.


Royal Selangor's products existence in eRomman is a great thing, and with the presence of its products, you won't have to look for Royal Selangor stores for a long time, because it has more than 40 stores in nearly 20 countries around the world, including London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Singapore.


Given the long-standing Royal Selangor reputation and awards in its business since its inception, we will not be surprised that its edifice remains in place to this day, as it has received several awards, including Design Plus Award in 1998. It entered Guinness Book of Records the world's biggest Pewter jug.


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