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CRAFTIVITI CLEAR PET TEST TUBE 100ML WITH SILVER CAP Material: PET Plastic Capacity : 100ml Color: Silver cap and clear tube Dimensions : 16cm (Height) x 3.1cm (Diameter) Packing size: 1
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E8MARKET 1 PIECE IMPORTED CAT CAGE 48CM X 31CM X 30CM  (BLUE/ PINK) Made of thick plastic Length 48cm x Width 31cm x Height 30cm With side press lock
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E8MARKET 1 PIECE IMPORTED CAT CAGE 48CM X 31CM X 30CM (LIGHT BLUE) Imported cat cage With middle handle Made of thick plastic
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Availability: 20 item(s)
E8market 1 piece Imported Portable Cat Cage (Multicolour)
E8MARKET 1 PIECE IMPORTED PORTABLE CAT CAGE (MULTICOLOUR) Made of thick plastic Length 48cm x Width 31cm x Height 30cm With side press lock Back and front wind flow hole
MYR 154.00
Availability: 2 item(s)
NEW TRUE TOUCH DESHEDDING GLOVE FOR GENTLE AND EFFICIENT PET GROOMING 1.Your pet will love the True Touch Five Finger Deshedding Glove 2.Mimics the touch of your hand for a massage; includes 180 soft silicone tips to groom with ease 3.The hair sticks to the glove, making it easy to peel and throw away hair after dog and cat grooming
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PESSO ECO CAT REPELLENT 500ML Natural active ingredient Easy to use No harm to plant and animal
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WAHL PROFESSIONAL ANIMAL 1037-400 ADJUSTABLE REPLACEMENT SHOW PRO BLADE (30-15-10) Wahl Standard Replacement Blade Set (30-15-10)With a satin chrome corrosion-inhibitive finish and fits all Wahl adjustable blade clippers. Adjusts from sizes #30-#15-#10 (3/64" - 3/32" cut). REPLACEMENT BLADE SET FITS:Pro Ion Cordless Pet
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RAZORLINE NPK15C-8.0” PROFESSIONAL PET GROOMING CURVE SCISSOR Hand-made 2pcs style welded scissor by advanced nano technology; Adjustable screw; Removable fixed finger rest for balance and comfort; Ergonomic handle design with anatomic finger hole for comfortable holding;
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Sweethomeplanet Flashing LED Collar for Pets (Blue)
For: Dogs, Cats, Others  Type: Collars  Material: Nylon  Functions: LED Lights, Adjustable  Season: All Seasons  Color:  Blue,   Adjusting range is 45 - 53cm, 2.5cmwide    
MYR 35.00 MYR 13.90 You save: MYR 21.10
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Sweethomeplanet PET Wash Brush (Pink-Blue)
Made of high quality plastic material and use for a long time Designed with five fingers that makes it convenient to use Designed with smooth teeth that is gentle to the skin Allows you to comb your pets hair and groom them at the same time Use this brush to shampoo pet's furm...
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SWEETHOMEPLANET 2 IN 1 JAPANESE AUTOMATIC PET FOOD WATER FEEDER DISPENSER (2 COLORS) - Brand new and high quality. - Double use, two grooves for feeding and drinking. - Product made from high quality plastic.
MYR 44.50
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Sweethomeplanet Pet Drinking Food Dispenser (4 Colors)
SWEETHOMEPLANET PET DRINKING FOOD DISPENSER PET BOWL WATER FEEDER (4 COLORS) 2 in 1 feeding bowl, one is for food, the other is for water. This bowl is an amazing tool to feed your pet.
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Product Description Product Specifications: Product name: Z PLUS Disposable Adult Old Folk Baby Urine Blood Pet Wee Wee Under Pad Diaper (8 pcs) Weight:300g Packaging: Bubble wrap Highlights: With S.A.P. to improve absorption & withhold liquid To put underneath a...
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Smartshopmalaysia Kitty Shack (As picture)
SMARTSHOPMALAYSIA KITTY SHACK *Self-heating thermal core keeps cats warm *Portable and lightweight *Machine-washable *Great for couches, chairs, beds, floors, cars and perches
MYR 63.72
Availability: 8 item(s)
SMARTSHOPMALAYSIA PET BOOSTER CAR SEAT Attached Safety Leash *Zippered Front Compartment For Dog Treats, Toys, Leashes and More. *Installs Quickly & Easily In All Car Models
MYR 42.12
Availability: 24 item(s)
SMARTSHOPMALAYSIA PET ZOOM BRUSH *Trimmer  has adjustable bristle length for long or short coats. *Great massage for pets while grooming
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SMARTSHOPMALAYSIA WINDOW MOUNTED CAT BED Ideal for houses, apartments, basically anywhere with a window, it's easy portable and installed . The Sunny Seat is ideal for apartments, kitches and even when you travel. So take it anywhere you take your cat for perfect use.
MYR 42.12
Availability: 48 item(s)
PEDIPAWS REVOLUTIONARY NAIL TRIMMER FOR DOGS & CATS Easily & safely files your Pet's nails to leave them trim, rounded and smooth With precision emery filing wheel that gently removes thin layers of nail Trims the nails painlessly rather than traditional nail clippers
MYR 20.52
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EBOSSES TRAVEL WATER FILTRATION OUTDOOR BOTTLE FOR PET AUTO DOG MUG WATER BOTTLE DRINKING DISPENSER (GREEN) One hand watering- design the drinking trough and the water container one bottle. Just one simple press, the water will flow out smoothly.
MYR 107.07
Availability: 60 item(s)
REPLACEMENT TRANSPARENT BREATHABLE COVER ASTRONAUT CAPSULE PET CAT AND DOG TRAVEL BAGPACK (TRANSPARENT) This perforated transparent cover, Size: Hemispherical dome diameter is 15.5cm, the outer diameter is 16.9cm  Material: Acrylic plastic
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YAHO DENTAL DOG TREATS CLEAN TEETH AND HEALTHY GUMS, REGULAR SIZE (36 TREATS) (4 COLORS) Cleans down to the gum line to help fight plaque and help fight tartar while freshening breath Your dog can't wait to sink their teeth into these chewy dog treats
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Pet carrier dimensions:32L x 25 W x 38 H. Fits cat up to 8 pounds and perfect for 6 pounds cat. Please make sure measure your pet before purchasing. Our pet bag is suitable for most puppies, cats, and other small pets (do not fit large dogs). Backpack material: The main material of...
MYR 150.00
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Greenies Original Dental Treats for Dog - 4 Options (Green)
NEW GREENIES ORIGINAL DENTAL TREATS TEENIE 65PC, PETITE 30PC, REGULAR 18PC & LARGE 12PC FOR DOG (GREEN) For more details, please refer to full description
MYR 114.22
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Minimum quantity for "Greenies Original Dental Treats for Dog - 4 Options (Green)" is 1.

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