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  • The fragrance has an aroma anchored in flower notes and fruity aromas, perfect for women looking to freshen their scent and arouse the apple of their eye.
  • The fragrance starts with a tinge of green apple, supported by Sicily cedar notes and hints of bluebell.
  • Those enjoying this fragrance are treated to more depth than the initial bouquet with middle tones of jasmine and bamboo.
  • This treat for the nose is finished with amber and musk to round out the delicate yet powerful aroma into something simply wonderful to experience.
  • It comes in a calming ivory.

First time buyer is allowed to buy at minimum 800 ml per fragrance.  

Minimum order quantity : 5kg to 25kg

Packing size availability : 25kg (recommended for orders below 100kg)

                                     : 50kg (for orders 200kg & above)

                                     : 200kg (for orders 400kg & above)

Delivery lead time     : 6 to 8 weeks

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