Muathir Platform is your way to success



Have you ever thought about earning money through social media?


Muathir is your way to success


On 1/1/2019 Muathir is launched as the first website linking brand owners and social media influencers, which Muathir website includes hundreds of influencers and many large and emerging brands.


Muathir website has been launched to help both low-income brand owners and influencers open up their borders for opportunities that can only achieve by registering as a company or influencer and earning profits that satisfy both parties.


Why Muathir exactly?


If you are a buyer, of course, you're asking what advantages do influencers have to raise awareness of your brand and increase your income?


Promotion through the media and celebrities no longer working, but some of them ask for an amount of money while the percentage of increase in customers and purchases is very low, with the appearance of many creative influencers on social media sites in many regions such as photography, design, drawing, and writing, etc. With the emergence of a special audience for each influencer not less than 10K followers, selling through those influencers will become easier, cheaper and more successful, an influencer has all the qualities you are looking for; of eager, energy, and new ideas to deliver attractive and meaningful creative content, so having an influence that promotes your brand that doubles your profits and increases brand awareness among your target audience.


Muathir platform guarantees you all the rights you will have with the influencer, you will not get any money before you complete the marketing campaign, and you can then approve a campaign that includes videos, photos, or any other idea that will help you.


What am I going to gain being an influencer?


If you are a low-income and have a creative and innovative idea, furthermore have a page on any of the social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. With at least 10K followers, the Muathir platform opens up a golden opportunity to increase your financial income and spread your content to the largest segment of people.


All you need to do is register on Muathir platform as an influencer and prepare a marketing campaign for brand sponsors, including attractive and eye-catching creative content to satisfy a brand owner and attract followers, and then start the process of promotion through your page on social Media describes the product or services provided by the brand proprietor.


Of course, the Muahtir platform guarantees you all rights before and after delivery of the content, and the platform oversees the safe operation to make profits for both parties.


Share the content of your work, spread your message simultaneously, and be a member of the Muathir platform.