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Naturiquid Is Non-Toxic, It’s Mad From Oil Of Lemon Eucalyptus (OLE).


It Has 3 Main Benefits:

Repel Mosquitoes : By Masking The Enviromental Cues Mosquitoes Use To Locate Victims.

Health Benefits : Helps Against Bronchitis, Catarrh, Cold Sores, Colds, Coughing, Fever, Flu, Poor Circulation, And Sinusitis.

Air Disinfectant : Eliminates Air Borne Germs, Leaving You With A Cleaner Air.


Instruction :

Just Open The Cap And Screw The Bottle Onto A Vaporizer Heater. The Content Will Last About 30 Nights/240 Hours Whichever Come First.

Keep Product Away From Reach Of Children. If Swallow Consult Doctor Immediately.

It Protects An Area Of About 100sq/Ft, About The Size Of A Small Room. For Bigger Room Please Increase Accordingly.

Naturiquid Is Not Recommended For Outdoor Use.

 It Last About 30 Nights/240 Hours Whichever Come First.

How It Works?

Naturiquid Works By Masking The Environmental Cues Mosquitoes Use To Locate Victims.



We Use Lemon Eucalyptus Oil A Plant-Based Repellent. It Was Tested Against Mosquitoes Found In The US, It Provided Protection Similar To Repellents With Low Concentrations Of DEET.

Mossif3 Naturiquid Inert Oil Consists Of Dipropylene Glycol Which Were First Registered In 1950 And 1959, Respectively, By The FDA For Use In Hospitals As Air Disinfectants

Content : 2 herbal essentials oils; Fragrance: Apple; Natural ethanol and Di Propylene Glycoll
Last : 1 month depending on usage and temperature of car interior. 
Usage : Suitable for use in car, toilet, wardrobe, office desktop.
Weight : 6ml in ceramic bottle and wooden cap.

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