List of newborn needs

List of newborn needs


The most enjoyable moments are those we spend with our children from a young age, and despite the responsibility and exhaustion that comes with the arrival of the new baby, it is one of the most enjoyable moments that will not leave your memory, and we will be with you from the first steps to help you prepare the list of needs of newborns.



A list of newborn needs


Getting new baby stuff should be during pregnancy so you won't be able to go out shopping soon after we're still pregnant, so as a mother, you should be careful to get whatever you need for your newborn in the final months of pregnancy.


Don't rush to shopping before knowing fetus sex and the date of the baby's delivery, and the best time to shop is the seventh month of pregnancy, during which time you will be able to know the sex of the fetus, and you will be in a healthy condition that will allow you to shop.


Many mothers feel stressed at the near childbirth and do not know what to buy or choose for the newborn, and the most difficult is to choose a brand that does not harm the skin of our children and which guarantees them health care as a guaranteed Korean Kait brand price and quality.


1. Baby Clothes

The first thing you should start shopping for is baby clothes and preferably in colors (white- yellow-red) in anticipation of fetus sex.


The order to buy clothes is as follows:


  • Underwear

Take a lot of quantity of underwear to replace them at intervals without having to wash them directly.

You have to specify the inner flannel type whether it's long or short, depending on the season you're going to born; if you're going to give birth in winter; get long-sleeved inner flannel, but in the summer, shop short-sleeved inner flannel.


  • Outerwear

As I told you to wear neutral colors as an essential choice and be sure to shop for soft and light clothing.

Baby Clothes

Get children's clothes from Clothing & Accessories – New Born section, in Baby & Toys department. 



  • Socks and gloves

Get a large number of socks and gloves, especially if you will be born in winter.

Socks and gloves

Get socks from Clothing & Accessories – New Born section, in Baby & Toys department. 



  • Food clothes

Don't forget to buy the bibs and towels that mothers use when giving children food.

Food clothes

Have children's food clothes from Mother Hood section, in Baby & Toys department. 


Food clothes

Get baby supplies from Mother Hood section, in Baby & Toys department. 


Food clothes

Have food equipment from Solid Foods section, in Baby & Toys department. 



2. Cleaning and shower tools

Baby cleanness is a specific task on the first day of life, therefore get cleaning and bathing accessories is essential matter, several tools should be on the list but make sure your baby's bath ware is healthy and friendly on his skin.


  • Bath soap

Baby shower soap is not the same as an adult; baby skin is highly sensitive and soft and is instantly affected.

Bath soap

Get Kait baby soap from the Health & Safety section, in Baby & Toys department. 



  • Hair Shampoo

Baby hair shampoo doesn't hurt the eyes and is soft on the scalp, so make sure you shop baby shampoo during pregnancy, you won't have time to buy it after the baby is born.

Hair Shampoo

Have baby shampoo from Health & Safety section, in Baby & Toys department.  



  • Post-shower cream

Moisturize your baby's skin after bathing with baby lotion.

Post-shower cream

Get Kait Children's Lotion from Health & Safety section, in Baby & Toys department. 



  • Wet wipes

Children can't stand too much water exposure, but in return, the baby should be cleaned regularly, so wet wipes do well to keep the baby clean.

Wet wipes

Shop wet wipes from Mother Hood section, in Baby & Toys department. 



  • Baby Powder

Baby powder is an essential and necessary thing to have in the baby's bag. It helps him to enjoy a pleasant smell and ensures feeling comfortable, moisture, and relieves the symptoms of diapers.



  • Diapers cream

The majority of children suffer from diaper inflammation because diapers remain unchanged or ventilated for a long time, so buying a preservation inflammation cream to get rid of preservation showers is very important.


Many times the mother is unable to understand the crying of her child and discovers in the end that the reason is the preservation sheds, but she does not find the right cream, so we recommend you to get the cream diapers of Kait brand.

Diapers cream

 Get diaper cream from Health & Safety section, in Baby & Toys department.



3. Feeding bottle and pacifiers

Having a feeding bottle is essential in the infant bag. When you shop for a feeding bottle, make sure you get various bottles, which are not the same as those used for milk.

Feeding bottle and pacifiers

Shop for bottles from Breastfeeding section, in Baby & Toys department. 



4. Sleeping Stuffs

Complete baby equipment must be provided, starting with the purchase of pacifiers up to the bed, and here are the items and sleeping supplies for the children.


  • Cot

Buying a cot is very vital and when getting this bed, make sure you check the strength of its columns and mattress, whether it's comfortable or not.


Have a cot from eRomman from Nursery  section, in Baby & Toys department. 



  • Mattress and pillow for children

Make sure to have comfortable pillows and mattress with soft fabrics that don't harm your baby's skin.

Mattress and pillow for children

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  • Children's blankets

Make sure to choose a suitable cover concerning the weight and size for your child based on the season you will be born.

Children's blankets

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