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Dolly Wink is a new cosmetic brand launched by Tsubasa Masuwaka; a gyaru top model, who colaborated with Koji, a japanese cosmetic brand. It has launched since November 2009 and gotten great responses and reviews from all make up lovers for it’s cuteness and top notch quality.

I’ve tried it, loved it, and brought in the 4 designs which I think is best. This is another hot seller, Dolly WInk # 3 :Feminine Style. gives a natural long lash look if you stll want long lashes without heavy make up.
-2 pairs per box

-Imported from Japan; 100% Authentic;

-Made of fine natural fibers, soft to the touch, unlike synthetic fibers

-Clear hair base for a more natural look

-1 pair can be reused up to 7 – 10 times depending on how you take care of it

-Cost per usage if used 8 times a pair – RM 3.12 only~!

Pretty worth it, for the quality i’d say~

(RSP at local beauty stores RM 55.90 and retailing in US between USD 20 – USD 39)

Reviews done by third party including Cheeserland:…-sasa-haul.html

1.Use eyelash curler to make your eyelashes curly.

2. Take out a pair of Koji Takako Style Eyelash and gently flex them for around 10 times.

3. Apply adhesive on the lash cluster bands and wait until the adhesive is half-dry.

4. Press the lash clusters gently on your eyelid (close to the roots of your eyelashes).

5. Adjust the lash clusters until they are nicely mixed together with your eyelashes.

To remove:

1. Gently place wet cotton on your eyelids for 30 seconds, so that the adhesive of the lash clusters dissolves.

2. Gently remove the lash clusters from the outer corners.

3. Clear off the remaining adhesive on bands and place the lash clusters on tray for re-use.

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