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  • Firm skin, improve facial skin condition and tighten sagging skin.

  • Develop a firmer body, bigger breasts and “S” body shape.


Tigthen the vagina

Balance hormones, improve microcirculatory disorders caused by endocrine, increase woman's chances of becoming pregnant


Kacip Fatimah is a “National Treasure” of Malaysia. Botanical name known as Labisia Pumilia, this herbs usually grows in the Southeast Asian rainforest. The original Kacip Fatimah can only be found in Malaysia’s unpolluted rainforests 350 meters above sea level. It is short and small and is usually found growing beside the Tongkat Ali, just like soul mates.

Kacip Fatimah is also treasured as a traditional gynaecological drug – like the Tongkat Ali – for Malay women. Women who consume the herbs experience amazing results, especially in terms of their health, energy and vitality.

Kacip Fatimah is passed down from one generation to another in Malaysia. Malay women use Kacip Fatimah for beauty purposes as well as to develop plump breasts, tighten the womb, improve the body’s vitality, maintain youth and to extend life. Malay women who consume Kacip Fatimah over a longterm have better figures, smoothier skin, brighter eyes and are overal more feminine.


  • Balance hormones, improve micro circulatory disorders caused by endocrine.

  • Firm skin, improve facial skin condition and tighten sagging skin.

  • Develop a firmer body, bigger breasts and “S” body shape.

  • Strengthen pelvic muscles, restore strength and health of women.

  • Improve muscles and tighten uterus postpartum.

  • Unique ability in acting as an astringent and sterilizing agent, best product to preserve the condition of the womb after childbirth.

  • Reduce risk of osteoporosis

  • Reduce onset of flushes, night sweats, insomnia.

  • Reduce risk of cardiovascular disease

  • Improve mood swings and lower risk of depression

  • Increase body’s energy, so that the body is more alert.

  • Increase libido and sexual stimulation

  • Regulate menstruation, preserve the condition of the womb and relieve dysmenorrhea.


  1. Women who are preparing to get pregnant
  2. Women who have endocrine disorders
  3. Women who suffer from frigidity
  4. Women who suffer from gynaecological disease
  5. Menopausal women and so on…

Q & A

1) Will Kacip Fatimah affect menstruation? 

Ans: Kacip Fatimah is not only good for treating female gynaecological disease, it is also good for balancing endocrine in women. Consuming Kacip Fatimah will lead to different manifestation for different people in the initial stages. Menstruation syscles may start too early or too late, which is a sign of the product taking effect.

2) Why does my vagina feel tighter after taking Kacip Fatimah? 

Ans: Kacip Fatimah can tigthen the vagina which can lead to vaginal wall friction. The is a normal reaction.

3) Is it okay for older women who wish to get pregnant to consume Kacip Fatimah? 

Ans: It is recommended to get a doctor’s opinion on the body’s chances of getting pregnant and ovulating first. If the ovulation cycle is normal, then there is still a chance of getting pregnant. Kacip Fatimah can preserve the conditioin of the womb, disinfection, improve fertilisation and increase the chances of conception. If your husband consumes Tongkat Ali to increase sperm motility, it will greatly increase the chances of conception.

4) I do not have a uterus and ovaries. What are the benefits of taking Kacip Fatimah? 

Ans: For post-menopausal women, Kacip Fatimah’s effect will be more pronounced because it restores confidence and health, regains youth and happiness, fights aging and enhances the quality of life. It helps in balancing hormones, promoting the normal functions of the female reproductive system, increasing vaginal secretion, solving vaginal dryness after menopause and increasing stimulation of hormones. In additiona, it strengthens pelvic muscles (to prevent uterine prolapse and incontinence) and tightens the vagina. Kacip Fatimah can also relieve fatigue and menopausal symptoms (low sleep quality, nervousness and irritability) and improve the quality of sex life. Iin addition, it encourages haematopoietic functions and acs as a strong anti-oxidant, effective for breast and beauty enhancement.

5) Can Kacip Fatimah replenish estrogen? 

Ans: Kacip Fatimah is composed of a variety of natural nutrients. It does not replenish but stimulate the secretion of estrogen to balance hormones.

Each Capsule Contains: Labisia Pumila (Kacip Fatimah) 

Net weight: 300gm each capsule

Dosage: 2 capsules each time, twice a day after meal

Shelf life: 2 years Not recommended for pregnant women and children

MAL NO: MAL15120028TC Diluluskan oleh Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia

300gm x 60 capsule

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