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A joint marketing campaign between Romman market and Saudi Budget Company

by Hesham Alzubairi

In view of the interest of the Romman market in providing all that may serve its customers, it has connected with Budget Saudi company in Joint promotion. This partnership has had a significant impact in this joint on the commercial wheel between the two companies. The partnership is based on a six-month renewable contract according to the parties wish.

And for this joint had resulted for discounts for both customers when dealing with one of the parties, either from Budget Saudi or Romman Market. The Romman market will offer a discount to all Budget customers when purchasing from it. Budget company will offer a similar discount to company customers when renting from it.

Through this cooperation there will be special opportunity for customers to discount when dealing with one of the two companies.

With reference to Saudi Budget Company, it is United International Transport Company, and it is Saudi Car Rental Company was established in 1978 with a single rental office, 20 cars and 15 employees. It is the only car rental company in the Kingdom that has an ISO certificate. Currently, Saudi Budget Company owns a large fleet of leasing cars more than 17,000 cars and 1,200 employees.

The Ramman market is an electronic shopping platform established in November 2017. It is a market links  Arabian market to Malaysian market and southeast Asia. It is an International and safe platform and offers E-shopping experience is guaranteed and reliable secure shopping platform and a secure and reliable e-shopping experience and contributes to many popular brands in Malaysia and Southeast Asia with many of the desired products in various sections.

There are also many joint events that will be presented by both parties in the coming days.