BASEUS MINI CAPSULE CORDLESS BASEUS VACUUM CLEANER Wireless, portable, mini, compact easy to store Aircraft alloy fuselage, precision workmanship and high quality Alloy motor pure copper core Three power batteries triple battery life
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PENSONIC SPRAY IRON PSI-8902 Voltage : 220-240V Frequency : 50/60HZ Power : 1200 – 1430W Adjustable temperature control knob Non-stick coating soleplate
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مكنسة رائعة تحافظ على منزلك خالي من الغبار والاوساخ. تعمل هذه المكنسة بمحرك قوي بقوة 1800 واط لتنظيف سريع وفعال بشكل لا يصدق.
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مكنسة بدون كيس..تصميم متوافق مع الحركة بالتعاون مع شركةBMW ..مقبض تحكم أمامي/ خلفي، قوة اعصار متعددة..
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Pensonic Dry Iron PI-8502   Pensonic Spray Iron PSI-8902 is light weight and easy to use. It also has variable temperature control via adjustable temperature control knob for desirable effect. It uses non-stick coating soleplate to prevent your clothing to be burn easily if accidents...
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DIBEA DW200 2-IN-1 CORDLESS HAND-HELD STICK VACUUM CLEANER (WHITE) - 2-in-1 use: hand-held and vertical - Cordless design - Two optional modes - Interchangeable roller floor brush
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PRACTICAL HOME KITCHEN CORAL FLEECE REFILL BROOM SWEEPING CLOTH REPLACEMENT CLOTH BAG Made of good quality coral fleece/flannel material, soft and strong water absorption. It can be used on the broom head to clean dust, hair, water stains, etc. 
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REPLACEMENT ACCESSORIES KIT FOR IROBOT ROOMBA 700 SERIES 700 760 770 780 790 VACUUM CLEANER-- BRISTLE BRUSH + FLEXIBLE BRUSH + SIDE BRUSHES + HEPA FILTER + CLEANING TOOL Excellent accessories for iRobot Roomba 700 Series vacuum cleaners. Available for Roomba 700 760 770 780 790. Set contains 1 bristle brush, 1 flexible beater brush, 3 side brushes, 6 HEPA filters and a cleaning tool.
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6PCS DRILL BRUSH SCOURING PAD ATTACHMENTS FOR BATHROOM KITCHEN CLEANING (YELLOW) - Includes 3 shapes of drill brushes, 2 different stiffnesses scouring pads and 1 backing pad, total 6pcs. - Flat brush: work great on the large areas, such as floors, kitchens, etc.
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ANSELF HANDHELD PORTABLE MINI ELECTRIC SEWING MACHINE HOUSEHOLD CORDLESS QUICK STITCH TOOL FOR FABRIC CLOTHING TOY CRAFTS Handheld electric sewing machine: portable, compact and practical quick stitch tool. Great for quick repairs: easier and more convenient than conventional desktop machines.
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KITCHEN SINK WATER CHANNEL FILTER FLOOR DRAIN High-quality material provides strong suction; has no shifting. Prevent objects from falling into drainage. Easy to use and clean.
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V9 WIRELESS HANDHELD VACUUM CLEANER FROM XIAOMI YOUPIN (WHITE) • Two in one brush, fine cleaning every corner • Family and car cleaning mobile portable cleaning • Dust cup capacity 0.5L, one button dumping, ten fingers do not dust
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PACK OF 13 REPLACEMENT ACCESSORIES KIT FOR IROBOT ROOMBA 600 SERIES 690 691 694 650 651 664 615 601 630 VACUUM CLEANER-- BRISTLE BRUSH + FLEXIBLE BRUSH + FILTER + SIDE BRUSH + CLEANING TOOL Replacement accessories for iRobot Roomba 600 Series vacuum cleaners. Available for Roomba 690 691 694 650 651 664 615 601 630.
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5670 6N3 PREAMP ELECTRON VACUUM TUBE 9-PIN FOR 6N3P 2C51 5670 396A AUDIO AMPLIFIER TUBE REPLACEMENT 5670 6N3 vacuum tube, 9-pin. For 6N3P, 2c51, 5670, 396A amplifier vacuum tube replacement. High performance, soft sound, ultra-low noise.
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ORIGINAL HARD ROLLING BRUSH FOR D18 VACUUM CLEANER (BLACK) - This rolling brush parts fit for Dibea D18 vacuum cleaner - Applicable to shag carpet and thicker carpet
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E26/E27 PORTABLE LED ELECTRONIC BUG ZAPPER MOSQUITO KILLER LIGHT BULB Adopted E27 standard Lamp base, plug and use, easy to operate. Mosquito killing range is up to 30 square meters, wide coverage, and safe protection. Mini size and light weight make it carry easily and free up more place for you.
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HAIR DRYER HOLDER WALL MOUNTED COMB HOLDER RACK STAND FOR HAIR TOOLS BATHROOM STORAGE ORGANIZER HANGER [Helpful] A useful holder for hair dryer, shear and comb. [Wall mounted] Wall mounted design makes it more flexible to install. [Durable] Made of thick aluminum, firm and durable.
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ULTRASONIC PLUG-IN PEST MOUSE CONTROL REPELLER HARMLESS ELECTRIC INSECT BUG MOSQUITO COCKROACH SPIDER REPELLER AC110-230V Applied to repel mice, mosquitoes, cockroaches, spiders, ants, bugs and other pests. Widely applied in houses, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, supermarkets, hospital, offices and other places.
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TANGLE-FREE DEBRIS EXTRACTOR BRUSHES REPLACEMENT ACCESSORIES KIT REPLENISHMENT FOR IROBOT ROOMBA 800 & 900 SERIES 805 860 861 864 866 870 880 890 891 894 960 961 964 966 980 VACUUM CLEANER 2 replacement tangle-free debris extractor brushes for iRobot Roomba 800 & 900 Series vacuum cleaners. Available for Roomba 800 805 860 861 864 866 870 880 890 891 894 900 960 961 964 966 980.
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ELECTRONIC ULTRASONIC MOSQUITO REPELLER MOSQUITO REPELLENT KILLER MOUSE COCKROACH TRAP INSECT RATS SPIDERS PEST CONTROL Use of the safe sonic technology to get rid of those nasty pests from your home suah as mosquitoes, rats, mice and other insects. Natural and physical. Convenient and easy to use.
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HOMGEEK HIGH-QUALITY WALL MOUNTED STAINLESS STEEL METAL CHROMED CLOTHES GARMENT DRESS TOWEL HANGING HOOK HANGER FOR BATHROOM BEDROOM KITCHEN TOILET (BLACK RED) Heavy duty: All metal construction, ensuring quality and durability. Rust-proof: Made of SUS304 stainless steel, won't be rusted even in moist conditions. Little wall mounted two-way  hook, taking up less space but functioning well.
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 2 IN 1 UV BUG ZAPPER LIGHT BULB LED LIGHTING MOSQUITO KILLER LAMP ELECTRONIC PEST FLY ZAPPER LIGHT FOR OUTDOOR INDOOR E27 LAMP BASE AC220V-240V 2 in 1 light bulb, which can be used as lighting bulb as well as bug zapper. Using ultraviolet radiation light technology to attract and capture mosquitoes and other pests, and killed them by the low voltage current. Up to 50 square meters coverage area in open environment.
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REPLACEMENT ACCESSORIES KIT MOPS + SIDE BRUSHES + HEPA FILTERS FOR ILIFE V5S V3S V3 V5 PRO ROBOTIC VACUUM CLEANER Available for ILIFE V5S/V3S/V3/V5 Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. Set contains 2 mops, 2 pairs of side brushes and 2 HEPA filters.
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