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-Effective Mouse Food/Bait For Intelligent Mouse
-Kill Mouse/Rat/Tikus In Few Days.
-Slow Killing Type Of Mouse/Rat/Tikus Food/Bait.


Tikus/Mouse Food and Bait Effective​

SPECIAL FORMULA Makanan Tikus (Mouse Food/ Bait)

-Effective Mouse Food/Bait For Intelligent Mouse
-Kill Mouse/Rat/Tikus In Few Days.
-Slow Killing Type Of Mouse/Rat/Tikus Food/Bait.

-Berkesan Tikus Ubat/makanan
-Membunuh Tikus Secara Perlahan-lahan Dalam Beberapa Hari.

Special Features:
-Pest Control Item for Rat/Mouse/Tikus Food Bait
-Special Research FORMULA from Pest Control Team to Kill Mouse/Rat/Tikus.
-Combination Of Food Material Able to Lure Mouse to Eat When They Smell On the Blue Colour Type Food. It is Toxic But in Fact Mouse Doesn't Know It !
-Mouse/Tikus/Rat Will Be Slowly Blind After Eating “Blue Colour” Mouse Food , Mouse will Run Out to Shinny / Sun Direction and Die after Cant See Anything at All.
-The Blue Mouse Food Will Cause Them to BLIND and DIE Slowly.
​-This is To Prevent Their Friend to KNOW which FOOD Caused DEATH.

-At Last, Mouse/Tikus/Rat will Die at Bright Place Instead Of Their Dark Nest Place.

Special Features:
-Pest Research Untuk Makanan Tikus
-Estimewa Reseach Formula Daripada Pest Team Untuk Membunuh Tikus Secara Senyap
-Makanan Tikus Yang Istemewa Dapat Lure Tikus Untuk Makan Apabila Terbau Makanan Tikus Biru.Makanan itu Bertoxic Tapi Tikus Tak Tahu.
-Tikus Akan Semakin Menjadi Buta Selepas Makan Makanan Tikus. Selepas Itu, Tikus Akan Melari Keluar Daripada Tempat Sembunyi Yang Gelap ke Tempat Cahaya.
-Makanan Tikus Estimewa Itu Akan Mejadikan Tikus “BUTA” Dan “Mati” Secara Perlahan-lahan .
-Ini Untuk Mengelakan Daripada Kawan TIkus Mengetahui Apa Makanan Menyebabkan Kawan Mereka Mati.
-Akhirnya, Tikus Akan Mati Di Tempat CAHAYA Secara Perlahan-Lahan.

How to Use:
1.Throw Blue Mouse Food in the Suspicious Place Where by Mouse always Pass By Or Hiding In.
2.Throw Blue Mouse Food in either in Pieces or Powder Form.
3.Wash Your Hand After Throw Mouse Food Because it Is Toxic

1.Buang Biru Makanan Di Tempat Tikus Sering Jalan Atau Sembunyi Punya Tempat.
2.Buang Biru Makanan Dalam Ketulan Ataupun Serbuk
3.Cuci Tangan Anda Selepas Buang Kerana Tikus Makanan Adalah TOXIC.

-Anywhere such as Market Place, House, Near Fish Village Because Mouse like to Bite Fisherman Net . This Food Is Really Useful.


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