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Craftiviti Natural Hemp String (As picture)
CRAFTIVITI NATURAL HEMP STRING Natural Hemp String is commonly known for its strength and durability. Made from natural fiber. Used in craft projects, jewelry making, home decor, packaging, papercraft, gift tags, gardening, scrapbooking, macrame, dream catchers and endless other craft ideas!
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SYURGA 2PCS WASHING MACHINE FILTER WASHER LINT TRAP FLOATING FLOWER *they are made from premium PP plastic & polyester, non-toxic and safe. *diameter of floating part: 8cm/ 3.15 inch; length of net: 15cm/ 5.9 inch
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SYURGA (BUY 1 GET 1 FREE) SET CLOTH BUTTONS BUTANG BAJU Brand new and high quality. For perfect use at home,office or taking vacation. It is a good choice gift.
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Craftiviti Macrame String - 90 meters (Beige)
CRAFTIVITI MACRAME STRING - 90 METERS Colour: Beige Length: 90 meters Available thickness: 3 mm and 4 mm
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Availability: 9 item(s)
SYURGA HAND SEWING MACHINE MINI HANDHELD PORTABLE TRAVELLING SEWING MACHINE The Handy Stitch is compact, convenient, and fits in the palm of your hand. With this handheld sewing machine, you can mend curtains that are on the rod, stitch up a torn pocket without having to remove the pants, and hem-up a skirt while you are wearing it.
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SYURGA LARGE SIZE MULTI-PURPOSE CLOTHESPINS HOYO PENYEPIT BESAR PELBAGAI GUNA Perfect for Dry the towel faster without folding up or blowing away.or Everyday Use,hang Items to dry anywhere,travel,dorms,indoor or outdoor drying Hangs.
MYR 5.10
Availability: 31 item(s)
SYURGA 16 PCS PENYEPIT BAJU POWERFUL ASSORTED PLASTIC CLOTHES GARMENT PIN HANGING PEG *Accessories Can Be Used To Save Energy. *Air Drying Makes Clothes Last Longer. *Soft-Grip, Non-Slip Surfaces.
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Availability: 204 item(s)
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Availability: 497 item(s)
SYURGA 2.0M HOSE EXTENSION TUBE TOP LOAD WASHER MACHINE PLUMBING Washing Machine Drain Extension Tube Longer Down The Water Outlet Pipe
MYR 7.83
Availability: 61 item(s)
SYURGA COVER FOR TOP LOAD WASHING MACHINE WATERPROOF DUST WASHER (SMALL) * Washing Machine Cover. *Durable and made up of high quality raw material. *Top load washing machine stand cover.
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Smartloc Hook 2pcs (Silver)
SMARTLOC HOOK 2PCS • Unique square shape design • Simple operation: push down to lock, pill up to release • Over 10kg loading capacity • Superior vacuum power • Elegant chrome plating stainless steel finishing design
MYR 89.00 MYR 71.00 You save: MYR 18.00
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SMARTLOC SINGLE HOOK 2PCS • Unique square shape design • Simple operation: push down to lock, pill up to release • Over 10kg loading capacity • Superior vacuum power • Elegant chrome plating stainless steel finishing design
MYR 98.00 MYR 79.00 You save: MYR 19.00
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READY STOCK BEBECOM HEAVY DUTY DOUBLE POLE GARMENT RACK Size : 98 x 50 x 198 cm Features: Whole rack is using metal pipe to produce.
MYR 78.48
Availability: 39 item(s)
BEBECOM4U READY STOCK~BEBECOM HEAVY DUTY TOWEL CLOTHES DRYING RACK USING METAL PIPE • Fully made of metal pipe. • Light, easy to carry. • Quick and easy to assemble
MYR 53.41
Availability: 78 item(s)
BEBECOM4U READY STOCK~BEBECOM HEAVY DUTY HIGH DRYING RACK USING METAL PIPE • 2 layer rack • Whole rack is using metal pipe to produce. • 2 layer rack
MYR 76.30
Availability: 28 item(s)
E8MARKET 6 PIECES STAINLESS STEEL MULTI PURPOSE HOOK 3 INCHES (CHROME) Will not rust when get wet Multi purpose for home and business used Length 3 inches
MYR 16.47
Availability: 100 item(s)
E8MARKET 1 PACKAGE PLASTIK SINGLET 20"X23" (WHITE) FOR MINI MART,7 ELEVEN,LAUNDRY SHOP suitable for mini mart,7 eleven,speed mart,laundry shop strong plastic bag for packaging reasonable price
MYR 6.21
Availability: 250 item(s)
E8MARKET 36 PIECES WOODEN CLOTHES PEGS (BROWN) Made of wood Usage for clothes, kitchen, art works L7cm x W0.9cm x H1.4cm
MYR 5.40
Availability: 12 item(s)
E8MARKET 1 PIECE 4 PERSON BIG LAUNDRY BASKET WITH SIDE HANDLE (APPLE GREEN) Capacity for 4- 5 person Suits for big family Colour Apple Green/ Red (depends on stock availability) 2 side handle
MYR 29.77
Availability: 3 item(s)
E8MARKET 1 PIECE 4 PERSON BIG LAUNDRY BASKET 20 INCHES WITH SIDE HANDLE (RED) Round Capacity for 4- 5 person Suits for big family Colour Red 2 side handle
MYR 31.21
Availability: 5 item(s)
E8MARKET 2 PACKETS LAUNDRY SUPER DETERGENT POWDER FLORAL AND LEMON 400GM New formula with extra white, suitable for hand and machine wash Co- Enzymes Power Anti Bacterial 50% Bio Acti Formula Ulung
MYR 10.80
Availability: 1000 item(s)
E8MARKET 3 PACK 60 PCS COLOURFULL MINI BAMBOO CLOTHES PEG (MULTICOLOR) Suitable for home, laundry ,office and school Ready to be used Total 60 pieces of 3 packs
MYR 14.03
Availability: 40 item(s)
E8market 1 Pieces Multipurpose Hanger Rack 2 Layer (Green)
E8MARKET 1 PIECES MULTIPURPOSE HANGER RACK 2 LAYER FOR BATHROOM/KITCHEN.(MULTICOLOR) suitable to storage Bathroom equipment  and Kitchen cooking item,etc Provided with a Pieces of screw for hanging to the wall The rack can be Dismental and Reassamble 
MYR 23.38
Availability: 5 item(s)
E8market 1 piece Round Laundry Basket with Handle (Red)
E8MARKET 1 PIECE ROUND LAUNDRY BASKET WITH HANDLE IN SHINING CHILI RED COLOUR Round Shinning and attractive chili red 2 side handles Clothes quantity for 3- 4 person per day
MYR 31.21
Availability: 2 item(s)
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