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Contact lenses


Contact lenses are a new era fashion and the latest cosmetic accessories that change the color of your eyes and make it more elegant and attractive and your wardrobe should not be free of at least two lenses to re-look of your appearance, but you must choose the lenses with absolute care and good quality to enjoy the use of safe and attractive appearance.


After we know about the most important Cosmetics Products that guarantee a perfect and imaginative complexion in a record time, we will know about all the contact lenses and will also mention the advantages & disadvantages of them .


Contact lens Types

Contact lens Types

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1. Medical Lenses

Medical lenses are important lenses that replace a secondary alternative to eyeglasses, and this type of lenses may be important by dispensing them with a prescription after visiting a doctor and identify the degree to which the eye is lacking.


2. Colorful Lenses

Colorful Lenses

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It is our topic for today. It is the colorful lenses that adorn the eyes of women and make them more elegant, despite the beauty that colored lenses add but they may be often harmful and cause a lot of problems and I will mention the advantages and disadvantages of colored contact lenses.


Advantages and disadvantages of contact lenses

contact lenses

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In general, lenses are an intruder body on the eye and may cause damage to the extent that is useful. We will now know about the advantages and disadvantages that may be caused to you by the lenses, which you should take into consideration.



1. The benefits of contact lenses

Contact lenses have several benefits, especially medical lenses, and we will know about the most important things that benefit you when wearing contact lenses.


  • Freedom

Contact lenses guarantee freedom when you practice daily activities like jogging and other daily work.


  • Long-term vision

Permanent medical contact lenses save the trouble of removing and returning them occasionally, so they are more generosity and provide you with a wider view than your eyeglasses offer.


  • An elegant look

Cosmetic contact lenses make your look more elegant and appealing which give you a new and different color and direct attention.



2. Contact lenses Disadvantages

Despite the limited benefits of lenses, but they have a greater risk than their usefulness, especially if it's not used in the right way; It may lead to many long-term health problems and infections, which make many lovers use them to retreat, and I will mention here of some of the damage of contact lenses.


  • May lead to corneal inflammation

Contact lenses may cause inflammation of the cornea due to the entry of some germs or bacteria with the lens when placed on the eye, because the lens is placed directly on the pupil, this is very dangerous.


  • Infection with Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa is one of the most dangerous germs on the eye because it is a germ with a great ability to penetrate the cornea, it is difficult to treat; because its resistant to treatment.


  • Night Vision defect

Contact lenses may cause weakness or defection of the night vision, especially if you are a person with weakness of vision, the color lenses that are not sterile and not properly installed cause the infection of weakness of vision.


Tips when buying cosmetic contact lenses

Tips when buying cosmetic contact lenses

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Cosmetic contact lenses are cosmetic items that are not abandoned by women, especially in events and celebrations and in order to shop contact lenses, you must know the types of good lenses and the way they are installed and preserved and here are some tips that will give you great benefit and avoid the damage that may cause to you.


1. Non-participation

Don't you ever lend any one your contact lenses; cosmetic or medical contact lenses as any personal items that can't be loaned or tried from one person to another.


The exchange of contact lenses leads to the transmission of bacteria that are harmful to the pupil and may cause blindness at a later time.


2. Lenses Try

You should try the lenses before you wear them a long time and know advantages they may cause such as congestion, irritation and redness of the eye.



3. Choosing lenses by consulting a doctor

You should consult a qualified ophthalmologist before choosing the color of the lenses to find the right color safe to pupil your eyes.



4. Buy at a reasonable price

Did you ever bluff when you were shopping for something? How do you feel at that moment...?!


The feeling of deception is very bad, of course none of us want to feel this feeling or waste money to buy something bad and then feel guilty about the time and money that is not worth it.


So you must know the natural prices before buying lenses and knowing the well known and good brands to buy a suitable lens and save your time and money.


5. Use it correctly

First of all, you should learn to use it and how to save it in its customized box and this is what we will be getting to know later here in our article.


How to use contact lenses

How to use contact lenses

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For each type there is method we find here that lenses also to put and remove them must know the correct ways to use them correctly and properly. Here's the way to install and remove lenses.



1. Method of placing lenses

Follow the following methods carefully to get an attractive eye.


  • Wash your hands with water well.

  • Remove the lens and wash it with its own lotion as described by your doctor.

  • Make sure to always start with the same eye so that the lenses do not mix.

  • Hold the lens with your forefinger and pull the eye eyelid down with the same hand using your middle finger.

  • Pull the upper eye eyelid with the other hand up and insert the lens directly onto the iris.

  • Gently let your eyelids and walk more than once to make sure they're still in place.


2. Method of removing contact lenses

Here are the steps to remove contact lenses.

  • Wash your hands well and make sure they are completely clean of any material.

  • Pull the eyelid in the lower eye.

  • Consider either the top or the side.

  • Gently move the lens using the forefinger and thumb, bend it, lift it quietly and bring it back to its medical box.


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gray lenses

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