Ufesa AM4325 - Hand-held vacuum cleaner, 30 W, black color
$93.75 $16.54 You save: $77.21
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Minimum quantity for "UFESA AM4325, Hand-Held Vacuum Cleaner,30W (Black)" is 1.

Ufesa AC4818 Power S. Suction power: 1600 W, Maximum power input: 1600 W, Power requirements: 230-400 V. Dust capacity: 2.5 l. Weight: 7000 g. Dimensions (WxDxH): 280 x 380 x 240 mm
$94.50 $43.88 You save: $50.62
10 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "UFESA Vacuum Cleaner AC4818 1600W, (Black/Red)" is 1.

Ufesa AC6200 Booster. Max power input: 1600 W, Power requirements: 230-400 V. Type: Cylinder, Dust container type: Dust bag, Color of product: Black, Silver. Vacuum air filtration: HEPA, Type of cleaner: Humid, Operating radius: 8 m. Volume control: Rotary. Weight: 7.3 kg
$157.50 $73.13 You save: $84.37
10 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "UFESA Vacuum Cleaner AC6200, 1600 W (Silver/ Black)" is 5.

Vacuum Cleaner Ufesa AP-8100 1300W  Power: 1.300 W, Special brush power plus of 26.5 cm., Capcity of the BAG: 12 Lt., Soft extra rubber wheels, radio of action: 16 m, Adjustable telescopic tube,Transportation handle
$189.00 $87.76 You save: $101.24
10 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "UFESA Vacuum Cleaner AP-8100 1300W (Black)" is 1.

Ufesa Typhoon AT9019 Vacuum Cleaner (2200W, 230-400 V Cylinder vacuum cleaner, Black,
$112.50 $52.59 You save: $59.92
10 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "UFESA Vacuum Cleaner AT9019 2200W, Cylinder (Black)" is 1.

$141.75 $65.82 You save: $75.93
10 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "مكنسة كهربائية AC6210 من Ufesa -بدون أكياس 2000 وات، أبيض وأخضر" is 1.

VSZ4GXTMGB Vacuum Cleaner, 2400W (Black/Orange) by SIEMENS 10 m operating radius. Extra-strong 2400 watts. More powerful cleaning. 4 l dust bag volume. Air flow 43 l/sec. For thorough cleaning.
$147.25 $87.76 You save: $59.49
10 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "SIEMENS VSZ4GXTMGB Vacuum Cleaner, 2400W (Black/Orange)" is 1.

Ufesa AC6220 - Bagless Vacuum Cleaner  (White) Automatic cord rewinder Brush tool Hard floor brush Telescopic tube
$149.50 $69.48 You save: $80.02
10 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "UFESA Vacuum Cleaner AC6220 - Bagless , 2000 W, (White)" is 1.

HETCH UV Vacuum Cleaner Dust Mite Killer- 4 in 1 Multi-function (FREE Crevice Nozzle & Round Brush) (Orange)               What's in the box:   1 x HETCH UV Vacuum Cleaner Dust Mite Killer (Pearl Orange) 1 x Extension Tube 1 x Crevice Tool with...
$324.75 $79.75 You save: $245.00
10 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "HETCH UV Vacuum Cleaner Dust Mite Killer- 4 in 1 Multi-function (Orange)" is 1.

$397.25 $172.04 You save: $225.22
10 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "HETCH Cordless + Dual Battery Vacuum Cleaner Rechargeable Lithium-ion Batteries (Black)" is 1.

                          What's in the box: 1 x HETCH Vacuum & Steam Mop  1 x Carpet Glider 1 x Microfiber Mop Pad 1 x Microfiber Mop Pad (Extra Free) 1 x User Manual   No warranty
$349.75 $156.37 You save: $193.39
10 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "HETCH Vacuum & Steam Mop 1000W + 550W (Black/Orange)" is 1.

98 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "Portable Solar Powered Sonic Mosquito Repeller, Pest Reject with Compass Killer (Green)" is 1.

Product SKU: EB-CLIP-KITCHEN Size (length*width*height): 15cm x 15cm x 15cm 100% Brand New and Hight Quality Environmental and safe  Durable and practical and convenient  Perfect for kitchen sink,etc  Material: Plastic  Size: 18*7*7cm Color: Pink,Grey
4 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "2 Units Deodorization Strong Suckers Clip Kitchen Sink Garbage Bag Holder (Random)" is 1.

Powerful 1000W Elegant metallic orange colour Upright & handheld 2 in 1 design Can be used at full length or without the extension tube for handheld cleaning 1.3L tank - easy to remove dust container HEPA filtration system traps microscopicparticles and prevents the spread of allergen and bacteria Convenient and space saving upright vacuum cleaner with 4.5m quick release power cord Ease your house cleaning routine with shoulder strap carry handheld vacuum cleaner Suitable for all kinds of floorings
$139.75 $50.15 You save: $89.60
10 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "HETCH Upright Stick & Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 1000W - 4 Accessories" is 1.

6 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "eBosses Double Sided Self Wringing and Dewatering Mop (GREY)" is 1.

KUMOTEN 1PCS MULTI-FUNCTION FLOOR CLEANING AND SHOE COVER (BLUE) 1. Good material, good quality and good quality 2. High quality chenille material, soft and strong decontamination ability 3. Flexible, can be worn as slippers, and can be set with a mop for two purposes The nap time is delicate, the suction is strong, and it is not easy to wipe off the wool.

Minimum quantity for " FLOOR CLEANING AND SHOE COVER (BLUE)" is 1.

Out of stock
X-MACKAR BLACKSTREET WAIST POUCH BAG waterproof fabric anti scratch fabric large compartment premium design smooth zippers
28 item(s)
KLINSMANN INTELLIGENT CLEANING ROBOT HOUSEHOLD VACUUM CLEANER (GOLD) Features: - High-quality material The mop is made of super fine fiber, which can absorb water and lock water better - Automatic cleaning One key start, can automatically choose the cleaning route for cleaning, the whole cleaning process does not need human monitoring - Superior suction performance Adopts brushless motor, with 1000Pa big suction, low noise and low electricity consumption, much more practical

Minimum quantity for "KLiNSMANN Robot Household Vacuum Cleaner (GOLD)" is 1.

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 PRANAFAS BEG BUG KILLER/CONTROL -It is effective plant based formula ingredients to repel and dehydrate bedbug on contact without compromising your health. -Safe for child and pet
$11.25 $6.10 You save: $5.16
5 item(s)
KUMOTEN MINI DIGITAL ULTRASONIC CLEANER JEWELRY EYEGLASS CLEANING MACHINE (GRAY) Features: - Adopt microcomputer control with humanization design, the cleaning effect is more obvious. - 5 kinds of working time frequency range optional: 180s, 280s, 380s, 480s, 90s. - Large capacity stainless steel cleaning tank, durable to use. - Visible view window makes it easier to see machine work. - Comes with plastic basket and watch holder, convenient and practical. - LED display screen for clearly reading the numerical value of the working time.

Minimum quantity for "Mini Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner Machine (GRAY)" is 1.

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ISWEEP S51 HOUSEHOLD INTELLIGENT ROBOT VACUUM CLEANER SWEEP MACHINE (GOLDEN) Features: Inverted Triangle Clean Mode Bilateral four bundles of hair brush and suction port form a golden inverted triangle shape, sweep the dust to the suction port and then quickly inhaled. Side Brush Side brush longer design can get closer to the corner, clean dead corners and sweep away dust scraps. Smart Core Built-in smart chip boot automatically enter the intelligent random route mode, change the cleaning route according to the actual situation on the ground, improve the cleaning coverage and cleaning efficiency.

Minimum quantity for "isweep S51 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Sweep Machine (GOLDEN)" is 1.

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LI-NING GOGGLES ANTI-FOG GLASSES SPRAY (WHITE) Brand : Li-Ning Simple to use, just spray enough to cover the lens Solution stops goggles fogging up when in use Anti-Fog solution spray for swimming masks and goggles.
51 item(s)

Minimum quantity for "Li-Ning Goggles Anti-Fog Glasses Spray (WHITE)" is 1.

KUMOTEN 8 WAVES BAND INTEGRATED ELECTRONIC MOUSE PEST REPELLER (WHITE) Features: - 8 waves band integrated electronic mouse pest repeller, can effectively drive away the mice and mosquito - Compact design, safe, eco-friendly and non-toxic - It is applicable to repel cockroach, mosquito, insect, pest, mice, etc.
1 item(s)

Minimum quantity for " 8 Waves Band Integrated Electronic Mouse Pest Repeller (WHITE)" is 1.

KUMOTEN HANDHELD HIGH-POWER VACUUM CLEANER DUST COLLECTOR (ROYAL BLUE) Main Features: - With a rotatable cleaning head, easy to clean closer to walls and edges, under beds, sofas, kickstands - Three conversion suction heads, sweep all kinds of dust effectively - Handheld high-power vacuum cleaner with 3.5 meters power cord - Suitable for cleaning on hardwood, carpet, tile floors, car, bed, etc. - With 3 additional cleaning brush, convenient to clean the tiny slit - Ergonomic handle design, easy to lift up  

Minimum quantity for "HANDHELD VACUUM CLEANER (ROYAL BLUE)" is 1.

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