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CellAct Switzerland: Synergy of DNA - Cellular Eye Complex

Benefits of uses:

- Moisturizing and Nourishing

- Reversibility of ageing process

- Antioxidant activities, reduce dark circles and puffiness


The Soul of CellAct

Originated from the bottom of the Alps of Switzerland, it has one of the purest water source of the world, the “Glacier Meltwater”. As the fundamental liquid source for our every giving natural ingredient. On its 15-year journey through an ancient glacial lter deep in the heart of the Alps, it puried and given uniquely mineral balance.

Joy Anne
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"The Answer to Beautiful Skin." - CellAct Switzerland

CellAct Switzerland: Synergy of DNA - Cellular Eye Complex

  • A powerful scientifically developed range of products that synergizes with the skin
  • Effectively delaying the ageing process and replacing damaged and aged skin
  • Moisturizing, healing and protecting effects on skin
  • Type of DNA used in the formulation of the product is Plant-based mimic Wheat Germ DNA (Plant Extract).


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