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1. Have fun while learning about money management

2. Build up your financial intelligence

3. Learn to work smart instead of just work hard

4. Spend quality time with your family learning about financial freedom



by Robert Kiyosaki

How To Get Out Of The Rat Race

NEW 2012 Robert Kiyosaki CASHFLOW 101 from WAREHOUSE SALE!!

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Please avoid buying the old version of Cash flow games

AWAKEN YOUR FINANCIAL GENIUS!This interactive and fun-filled Board Game will change your life! The more you play this game the richer you become!

“What's your dream? Freedom of time? Unlimited resources to travel the world? Whatever it may be, CASHFLOW® 101 BOARD GAME teaches you how to get out of the Rat Race and onto the Fast Track, where your money works for you instead of you working hard for your money”- Robert Kiyosaki

A must-have for all! Put money management theory into practice. Learn how to get out of the rat race fast.

Know how to ‘Fast Track’
and make your money work faster for you. Use money to grow money. In
Robert Kiyosaki’s own words, “By playing the game over and over, you
begin to break up the core conditioning most people learn at home and
at school – the conditioning of working hard for money.”Learn,
instead, how to work smart for your money!

This is indeed the MBA program for people want to have fun, learn fastand get rich!

Money is a very powerful force in our world today.
It has the power to make you a slave by driving you to work hard, pay
taxes and pay off debts all your life. Money also has the power to set
you free. But that freedom requires you to become a MASTER OF MONEY.

Cashflow 202 enhance your financial knowledge with advance business and investment techniques! This package contains new instruction manual, 12 short sales envelopes, 5 stack of deal cards, 1 stack of cashflow 202 worksheet and 1 stack of accounting sheets.
Use this game to learn and practice real world investing. Get out of the rat race and achieve financial freedom even during the current worldwide economy downturn. Learn to plan your strategy.


“Board games for the upwardly mobile”
- CNN/Money

a recent evening I bought into a limited partnership, flipped a bed
and breakfast for a quick profit, tripled my money on "OK4U"
pharmaceutical stock. I also got downsized from my teaching job,bought a duplex and had a baby. After all that, I managed to get out of the proverbial rat race.”
- Sarah Max, CNN/Money Senior Writer

Most people think that CASHFLOW is played on the big, colorful board. In reality, the game is played on your income statement and balance sheet.
What you learn in CASHFLOW, you apply in real life. People who do not
know how to control their cash-flow often struggle financially –
regardless of how much money they make.

enables its players to actively participate in a game that mirrors
life along with all the financial opportunities and challenges life

Use this game to educate yourself in planning your financial strategy.

Learn how to seize good business opportunities and practice how to invest wisely.

Play and learn! In real life, the ROI (Return On Investment) is phenomenal.

Remember the big secret of the rich:they do not work for money because
they know how to have money work for them.


People who are afraid of financial bondage!People who are tired of being employees!People who want to get out of the Rat Race!People who are ready for the Fast Track!


Box Size : 39 cm x 26.5 cm x 5 cm

Weight : approximately 2.5k

Rich Dad Cashflow 101 Boardgame includes:


1. Big Deal (Green) - 40 pcs

2. Samll Deal (Green) - 55 pcs

3. Doodad (Red) - 42 pcs

4. Market (Purple) - 45 pcs


Miscellaneous :

6 sets Tokens 10/each

6 pcs Cheeses

6 pcs Rats

6 pcs Pencils

3 pcs Dices

1 pc Game board

1 pc Intro Sheet

1 pc Manual Sheet

12 pcs Professional Cards

1 Pack worksheet

10 Important Reasons Why You Must Play RICH DAD CASHFLOW :

1. Have fun while learning about money management

2. Build up your financial intelligence

3. Learn to work smart instead of just work hard

4. Spend quality time with your family learning about financial freedom

5. Break the back of poverty by developing a habit of financial breakthrough

6. Succeed by making your money work fast for you

7. Apply in real life all that you have learned in this boardgame

8. Get out of the Rat Race by learning the appropriate principles

9. Retire rich and comfortably

10. Become the Master of Money

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