Baseus is a 3C digital accessory brand that integrates R&D, design, production and sales under the Shenzhen Shishang Chuangzhan Technology Co., Ltd., which was founded in CU in 2009

Baseus logo is simplified by Best's brand slogan Base on user (user-based). Each thick and steady letter has an acute angle, which is beautifully embellished on the original classic black body, reflecting the spirit of Baseus's understanding. 'All the beautiful products should be practical' brand core concept.

BASEUS 10 IN 1 ENJOYMENT SERIES TYPE-C NOTEBOOK HUB BASEUS ADAPTER (AS PICTURE) 60W high power Type-C flash charging port ensures high-speed power supply   Connect VGA interface to a projector to realize high-definition simultaneous display, making your meetings and office work more convenient
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Baseus 7in1 Type-C Square Desk Multi-Function Hub (Gray)
BASEUS 7IN1 TYPE-C BASEUS SQUARE DESK MULTI-FUNCTION HUB (USB3.0*3+HD4K*1+PD*1+VGA*1) (GRAY) HD video output of 4K/HD/30Hz: Support HD video output of 4K/HD/30Hz, by which small screen can immediately become a large screen, and the purpose of large-screen game, conference and home theater
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BASEUS 7 IN 1 DUAL TYPE USB 3.0 HUB HDMI CONVERTER NETWORK PORT ADAPTER OTG SD/MICRO SD FOR MACBOOK (Gray) Color: deep grey   Material: aluminum alloy   Input: dual USB C connector  
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Features: Fine aluminum gold art design With fully aluminum-alloy shell and beautiful circular arc appearance precisely cut and polished byCNC,itcan bring you with comfortable and smooth hand feeling due to the shell processed by scrub oxidizing fine work. Strong metal texture...
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Baseus 8 IN1 TYPE C Hub Wifi Charger Circular Mirror (Black)
BASEUS 8IN1 TYPE C HUB WIRELESS CHARGER BASEUS CIRCULAR MIRROR (USB3*1+USB2*2+4K HDMI) (Black) Input: Type-C 3.0 Output: USB3.0*1 + USB2.0*3 USB 3.0: Data Transfer 5Gbps
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Wireless, portable, mini, compact easy to store Aircraft alloy fuselage, precision workmanship and high quality Alloy motor pure copper core Three power batteries triple battery life One-key start and strong suction...
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Charge your devices quickly and easily, wired or wireless, anywhere you are using thisBaseuspower bank with Qi wireless charging function. The 10000mAh capacity allows you to recharge your device more than once. It's equipped with Power Delivery and Quick Charge 3.0 technologies for incredibly...
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BASEUS 7 IN 1 HD 4K/30HZ 5GBPS TRANSMISSION MATE DOCKING TYPE-C MOBILE PHONE INTELLIGENT BASEUS HUB DOCKING STATION 7-port expansion, combination of a docking station and a phone holder Three USB ports, easily connect many devices to it at the same time Connection with keyboard and mouse, phone can be used as a computer and you can edit documents faster
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BASEUS PD 3.0 QUICK CHARGER MULIGHT BASEUS POWER BANK 20000MAH (Black - White) Enormous capacity  power bank with voltage/power display   Superfast charging  –  Quick Charge 3.0  and  Power Delivery  support for truly superfast charging.  
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BASEUS EXTRA LARGE 3A DUAL WAY PD 15W MAX MINI JA FAST CHARGE BASEUS POWER-BANK 30000MAH One-touch on/off button. LED charging / battery level indicator. Soft-touch rubberised gripsurface. Intelligently designed - automatically shuts down when not in use.
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Baseus 20000mah Powerbank (Black - Red)
Baseus20000mAh USB-C PD Power Bank - Type-C, Dual USB - 18W A perfect external battery charger with three outputs and two inputs! TheBaseusPD power bank is packed with huge 20000mAh of battery capacity, which is more than enough for a few fast recharges of your devices on-the-go....
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BASEUS 2 IN 3 OUT PD+QC3.0 DIGITAL DISPLAY 20000MAH PARALLEL POWERBANK (2 COLORS) - High-capacity power bank fromBaseusParallel PD series - Portable design allows you to carry the power bank with you anywhere - The enormous capacity of 20000mAh allows you to recharge your devices multiple times - You can see the remaining power of theBaseusParallel PD on the integrated LED display
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BASEUS AUTOMATIC INFLATION AND 4 LED LIGHT SMART INFLATOR PUMP BASEUS IN 2 STEP ●2000 dense air outlets. ●No damage to the car. ●It only takes one second to inflate. ●Fully automatic intelligent inflatable pump.
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BASEUS ANTI-SKIT THIN 10000MAH WIRELESS CHARGE POWER BANK (BLACK - PINK) Wireless charging is charging while placing, Wireless charging mode is sensitive and unrestricted. Light and thin version 10000  mAh  wireless charging mobile power supply.
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BASEUS SMART 10W 2 IN 1 WIRELESS CHARGER FOR SMARTPHONES AND APPLE WATCH Durable and reliable  – Made of  high-quality PC  and  anti-skid silicone pads . Transmission distance less than 6 mm  – There is  no need to take off phones case for charging .
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Baseus Laptop Bag British Series (Sapphire/Grey)
BASEUS LAPTOP BAG (BRITISH SERIES) - SAPPHIRE & GREY Fit for laptop of screen size 14 inch or under 14 inch. – Soft PU touch surface, shock resistant, ultra protective. – Downy inner lining, remove dirt to keep your device clean. – Invisible zipper with thicker chain, safe, firm, and durable. – Multipurpose small bag for storaging your name card, notebook, pens and other accessories. – British style, convenient handbag.
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TheBaseusMini Q power bank utilizes an interface with three inputs and two outputs to ensure complete support for all your USB devices. This 20000mAh power bank fromBaseusis capable of fast charging an iPhone X to 50% in just 30 minutes. Meanwhile, this model manages to stay light and...
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BASEUS 2.4A DUAL USB CHARGER TRAVEL CHARGER DESIGN DUAL USB CHARGER Brand: BASEUS Name:  Baseus 2.4A Dual USB Charger Travel Charger Design Dual USB Charger Applicable: General purpose
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Features: -Touch control, customize smart shutdown time. -Charging details are visible. -Full quick charging protocols, you can charge any device you know. -45W dual interface quick charging quick filling for notebook PDs. Parameter: Name: Baseus Speed PPS Intelligent...
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Baseus Smart 2 in 1 Wireless Charger Model: WX2IN1-02 Material : Plastic+Silicone Color : White Input : 5V2A, 9V1.67A (max) Output : 5W / 7.5W / 10W (max) Accesories: Lightning Cable 1.2m Suitable For : Mobile Phone That Support Wireless charging/ iWatch *incompatible with...
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BASEUS D02 ENCOK WIRELESS BLUETOOTH HEADPHONE (White) High quality wireless Bluetooth 5.0 stereo headset offers you remarkable sound quality   Enhanced noise reduction, good choice for listening music, watching movie, answering phone calls,  etc  
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Features:   Note: Did not support  a charge  to Notebook or iPad.   Rapid Recharge   Despite its massive capacity, it can be fully recharged in 8 hours by a normal charger.     Specifications:...
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Baseus Outdoor Lanyard Bluetooth Speaker - Black
Mini outdoor style, the one hand size and lanyard hasp design, so you can easily to carry it. Intelligent chip and upgrading sound cavity design, bring you high fidelity sound quality. IP4 waterproof, it is no impact that water droplets from the four sides to the shell. Large capacity...
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A fantastic combination of three accessories in theBaseusBracket! You can use theBaseusBracket as a power bank for charging your tablet and smartphone, as a wireless charger, and as a desktop stand for your phone. With theBaseusBracket Qi power bank you can watch your favorite YouTube...
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