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  • Ease Dizzinessand Headache
  • Improve Digestion
  • Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

Postnal Care Package

Nourish Liver and Kidney

After enhancing stomach and spleen functions, liver and kidneys can be nourished to ensure better nutrition absorption and proper digestion, so as to secrete adequate nutrition enriched milk for breast feeding. Strong and healthy liver and kidneys can give rise to strong bones and tendons. This can prevent wind and moisture from invading the body, thereby preventing rheumatism for the future.

This Package Contains of :

1. Ban Kah Chai Gold Brand Zhui Feng Su Ho Wan (Big&Small Pill ) 2 Boxes

Due to blood lost and injury sustained during delivery and emotional changes during pregnancy and delivery,much energy being lost,hence there is a belief of 'total emptiness' after birth, just a slight carelessness will cause illness. Therefore, Chinese pharmacological gives special attention to living and eating taboos,of women after delivery.

Catch cold~feel feverish and cold, giddy and body aches, cough, mild vomiting, white tongue, floating and tense pulse. Eliminating pathogenic wind~to prevent backache or aches and discomfort over other parts of the body even after confinement,or irregular menstruation.

2. Ban Kah Chai Confinement Herbal Bath ( Mom Series ) 2 Boxes

Ban Kah Chai Confinement Herbal Bath (Mom Series) produces from the natural herbal. The ingredients contain of Fructus Viticis Negundo, Blumea Balsamifera and Lemon Grass. The product mainly helps mother to expel wind, improve blood circulation and reduce after birth pain. It makes mother feels more comfortable after bath.

3. Ban Kah Chai Gold Brand Ginseng Plus Pai Fong Pill ( Small Pill ) 1 Box

Traditionally used for women’s general health, to regulate menstruation and for women after childbirth.

4. Ban Kah Chai Su Ho Oil 1 Bottle

Traditionally used for symptomatic relief of stomachache, sprain and muscular pain.

5. Ban Kah Chai Ginger Tea 1 Pack

BKC Ginger Tea is made with natural juice extracted from the finest old ginger and quality dark brown sugar, with both great taste and pleasant odour, BKC Ginger Tea is effective for cold dispelling and stomach warming. BKC Ginger Tea is packed in individual sachet, it is easy to carry so that you can drink it anytime and anywhere.

The Health Benefits of BKC Ginger Tea:

  • Ease Menstrual Pain
  • Enhance Immune System
  • Prevent Common Cold
  • Ease Dizzinessand Headache
  • Improve Digestion
  • Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

6. Ban Kah Chai Codonopsis Jujube Tea 1 Box

Traditionally used on help pregnant women's nutrient supplement and the fetal growth and development of breastfeeding baby meanwhile improving pregnant women's immunity. It has significant effects on postpartum anaemia, deficiency in Qi and Blood, and postpartum recuperation as it can replenish Qi and Blood, tonify spleen, reconcile stomach, nourish Qi and promote saliva secretion. It is also suitable for decreased appetite after illness, body fatigue and tiredness, palpitation, and spleen debility.

Contents: Radix Codonopsis, Jujubes, Fructus Lycium Barbarum, Euphoria Longan, Radix Hedysari


Confinement Wellness Tonic Soup Mix - Golden 3rd Week

1. Tendon Strengthening Tonic Soup

2. Milk Enhancement Tonic Soup

3. Beauty Tonic Soup

4. Vitality Tonic Soup

5. Polygonum Tonic Soup

6. Tin-Ginseng Tonic Soup

7. Energising Tonic Soup

For more details, please read the monthly health care instructions for the cooking method of the monthly health soup package.

For overseas order, packaging will be unbox for shipping convenience.

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