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AVIZOR launches the new LIPID CLEAN SiHy solution (Silicone Hydrogel). This product has arisen in response to a latent need of contact lens wearers in the face of the important evolution and increase of hydrogel-silicone lenses, which are characterized by:

-Less dehydration, and slower. 
- Accumulation of less proteins. 
-Acumulation of more lipids.

LIPID CLEAN SiHy, is designed to be the ideal complement to those contact lens users with problems of lipid accumulation and other deposits in the lenses, as it can be combined with the use of any maintenance solution.

With this new product, ideal for users of silicone hydrogel lenses, AVIZOR manages to diversify its maintenance solutions, giving a specific solution for each user.

Perfect Combination been use with Avizor ever Clean 



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