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What is it?


Pore-cleaning clay pack that tightens pores, making the skin feel fresh, soft and smooth. chamos acaci Smooth Pore Care Nose Strip

It is a Nose Patch that tightens the pores over nose, suppresses the secretion of sebum and removes even hidden sebum cleanly. Also useful ingredients hold moisture in skin, remove

keratin cleanly and makes your nose more healthy and charming. It is available for sensitive skin.


Directions for use :

1. After you washed your face, wet your nose with water(When your nose is dry, its Patch may not attach to your nose and its effect will be weaker. Do not wet its Patch with water directly.)

2. Wipe your wet hand with a towel. And after you removed a transparent film from its Patch, attach the smooth inside of its Patch over your nose from the center of your nose to the edge of its Patch so that its Patch does not come off from your nose.

3. Remain it for 15~20 minutes till it gets dry completely.

4. When its Patch gets dry completely, remove it from your nose.


Contain : 3g




تاخر المنتج في الوصول و لكن خدمة عملاء سوق رمان اعتذروا لي شكرا
حبيت المنتج هذا و سعره مناسب غير ان خدمة عملاء سوق رمان تفوووز شكرا لهم
منتج حلووو و التوصيل مره سريع شكرا سوق رمان

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