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10x double white skin.

Skin becomes pinkish as early as 7 days.

Remove old scars.

Shrinks open pores.

Treat the skin from the inside.

Shrink Acne

Get rid of toxins in the body

Fluffy, moist & pink skin

Removes pigmentation and freckles and eye pockets

Tightens wrinkled skin to look youthful

mproves blood circulation throughout the body.

Evens out skin tone all over the body.

Smoothes the skin like a baby's skin.

Breastfeeding mothers are encouraged to eat PREMIUM whitening booster which is good for the skin of mother and baby to have bright skin.

Can prevent cancer.

very tasty flavor, (passion fruit)


How to Consume

Booster Whitening
1 capsule every 4 days
stop when the period/menstruation comes

Premium Whitening Booster
1 sachet every night before bed
stop when the period comes (10 days)
Make sure the distance is 3 @ 4 hours with whitening booster

BW Strawberry Milk
Every morning before breakfast

Must be practiced
Drink at least 3 liters of water
Reduce direct sunlight exposure

The Big No No!
say no to caffeine (coffee, gas water, chocolate)
stop drinking coconut water


منتج حلوو و توصيل سريع
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