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Bergamot essential oil’s effervescent citrus aroma makes it a great addition to your morning routine and to liven up your household chores. The yellow-green peel of this orange-shaped fruit is cold pressed to produce pure essential oil. While Bergamot has a primarily tart and uplifting aroma, there are are also sweet and relaxing elements, making it a popular addition to perfumes. Bergamot has attracted attention for its skin-cleansing properties, and its elegant scent makes it a popular addition to luxury shampoos, soaps, and cleasers. Bergamot can cause photosensitivity, so avoid applying the oil spending time in the sun.                                               

100% Genuine product from Young Living Malaysia.                                                                                       

How to Use

Diffuse or apply to temples and forehead.

Caution : Bergamot is very photosensitive and should NOT be applies to skin that will be exposed to direct sunlight or ultraviolet light within 48 hours. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult you physician.


BERGAMOT Citrus aurantium bergamia

Content : 15ml


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