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3 In 1 Benefits: Aromatherapy/Fragrance/Mosquito Repeller
Therapeutic Benefits: Refreshing & Energizing 


Most Of The Reed Diffusers Available In The Market Use Floral Scents Which Tend To Attract Mosquitoes Into Your Homes. Our Mossif3 Reed Diffuser On The Other Hand, Contains 3 Additional Types Of Essential Oils That Effectively Repel Mosquitoes And Cockroaches, Besides Awakening Your Senses And Soothing Your Mind And Soul. 

Our Products Are Created From The Highest Quality Ingredients Imported From UK Under Strict Governance Of IFRA And CITES Regulatories On Safety And Sustainability.


Ingredients : 3 Herbal Essentials Oils: Eucalyptus Citriodora, Tea Tree, Clove; Fragrance : Fresh Pine ; Di Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether And Ethanol.

Last : 1-2 Months With Coverage Area Of 500sq/Ft.

Usage : Suitable For Use In Living Hall, Room, Office, Kitchen, Retail Store And Restroom.

Content : 100ml In Glass Bottle With 8 Reeds



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