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MYR 79.23


Imported directly from USA, you can rest assured that you are getting Authentic supplement compared to the suspicious product in Local market.


All of the Good

We believe that less is more, so we carefully selected 100% natural ingredients to heal and protect without artificial additives. Our USDA Organic seal guarantees that we keep GMO's away from your pets and harmful forming practices out of the earth. And to ensure the safest, most ethical production, all of our products are made in our own U.S. facility by employees paid a living wage.

None of the Bad

  • No Chemicals
  • No Alcohol
  • No Animal Cruelty
  • No GMOs
  • No Water

Suggested Use

Hold dropper above ear and fill ear canal with clean ears. Massage base of ear to break up wax buildup.

Other Ingredients

Organic witch hazel, organic purified soapbark wood extract, organic tea tree oil, organic aloe.


Never insert any object into ear canal. Not recommended for use on cats.


Item will take 5 -6 working days to arrive our KL office from USA, we will then courier via our appointed Courier company to you

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