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Sweet Home Planet


  • -Ergonomic Laptop Desk Has an Ergonomic Design and is Designed for Maximum Human Comfort.It is Multifunctional in Use - Can be Used as a Laptop Desk, Study Desk, Reading Desk, Working Desk, Writing Desk, Breakfast Table, etc.
  • -MDF Coated Plywood Surface with Rubber Coated Legs. Keeps From Slipping And Skidding. Folding Design Lets You Fold It Away When Not In Use.
  • -The Height Can Be Adjusted and Has Auto-Locking Mechanism So That You Can Work Comfortably Without Worrying About Your Laptop Sliding Away.
  • -Can Be Put On Your Lap and Work On the Sofa, Bed, Lawns, Carpet Etc. Washable and Durable. Can Be Wiped Clean With A Soft, Sparsely Wet Cloth.
  • -Size of Laptop Desk: 520 x 300 x 12 mm. Height of Laptop Desk: 235-315 mm (Adjustable).


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