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The Baker Ice Crusher are Wide application, hygiene, safe and easy to operate with less power consumption. A Portable tool that should be owned by cafe, bars, restaurants and hotels

The Baker Ice Crusher has special techniques. The blade is made of High Ouality Stainless Steel so 
that it is not easy to be broken. The Ice Crusher Machine has the advantages of sharp 
outlook and high efficiency. It is easy to operate. Its lifespan is long. 

Shave the ice cubes into snow for making Ais Kepal, ABC, Ais Kacang and other dessert
Double stainless steel blade with high durability
Very easy to use, easy to handle and easy to clean
Stable and heavy base


Excellent powerful motor
Double Stainless Steel blades for crushing ice more smoothie and high speed than single blade
Stainless steel holding bowl included
Suitable for ice cubes only
Machine gives you a faster, mess-free operation, can make ice more smoother like snow ice.
Suitable for Ais Kepal Viral, Ais Kacang, ABC Ais Krim Kelapa, ABC Kepal, ABC Mango etc.
Package Content:

1 x Ice Crusher
1 x Stainless Steel Bowl
1 x User Manual

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