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This germicidal shampoo act diligently to keep your pets clean and fresh. It helps to prevent from external parasites infestations such as fleas, ticks and lice. Keep your pets healthy and pest free.

•Alkaline Professional Pet Shampoo
•Formulated From Japan
•Exterminates germs
•Helps to prevent parasites like fleas and ticks
•Clean and freshens
•Keep pets healthy & pest free
•370ml bottle liquid soap
•100% authentic and original
•Sold and distributed by Commbax Sdn Bhd

EOSG Cat Pest Free Shampoo-Mild Alkaline Pet Shampoo-370ml-EOSG 猫咪 防害虫宠物洗发水-温和碱性洗发水-370毫升


العرض مررره يحمس و الريحة تجنننن
ريحته حلوه
Packaging well and there is no leaking from the bottle thanks seller
الشامبو مررره رهيييب و التوصيل بطل

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