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Specially formulate to relieve itchy and dry skin problem. Contains an antiseptic foaming solution to remove scale degrease skin and kill cutaneous micro-organisms. Routing bathing leaves the skin and coat soft, shiny and radiant.

• Alkaline Professional Pet Shampoo
• Formulated From Japan
• Relieves itchiness
• Helps to reduce dryness on skin
• Contains antiseptic solution to treat skin conditions
• Promotes soft, shiny radiant fur coat
• 370ml bottle liquid soap
• 100% authentic and original
• Sold and distributed by Commbax Sdn Bhd

EOSG Cat Medicated Shampoo-Mild Alkaline Pet Shampoo-370ml-EOSG 猫咪 含药性洗发水-温和碱性洗发水-370毫升


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