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Baseus Mini Magnetic Bluetooth Headset with USB charging station - Android, iOS, Windows

Mini-sized Bluetooth earphone headset from Baseus that you can charge on the go thanks to the included USB charging station.

No wires or complicated buttons - the Baseus Magnetic Bluetooth headset is lightweight, compact and has magnetic charging. Talk while keeping your hands free and your eyes on the road or your work. The smart one-key control allows you to seamlessly answer or reject calls, redial the last number or even play a song. If your Baseus Mini Magnetic Bluetooth Headset is in the charging station, all you need to do in order to answer a call is to pick it up.

- Mini magnetic Bluetooth headset from Baseus, lightweight and easy to use
- Comes with a handy USB station to charge it on-the-go, at work or home
- Smart one-key control lets you answer calls, redial or switch song with a simple press
- You can answer any call by simply picking up the headset from the charging station
- Offers 4 hours of talk time, 3 hours of music, or 100 hours in standby mode
- The perfect Bluetooth headset for iPhone smartphones, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, etc.
- Can be connected to two devices simultaneously, incoming calls can be answered from both
- The package includes 3 different sets of earbuds for a comfy fit and any ear

- Talk time: around 4 hours
- Music time: around 3 hours
- Standby time: around 100 hours
- Charging time: around 1.5 hours
- Battery capacity: 45 mAh
- Bluetooth: 4.1
- Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
- Weight (earphone only): 5 gr

- Compatible with Android/iOS/Windows

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سوق رمان يقدم خدمة الشحن السريع الى دول الخليج و مصر و الأردن و تركيا و امريكا

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