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سوق رمان يقدم خدمة الشحن السريع الى دول الخليج و مصر و الأردن و تركيا و امريكا
إرجاع الطلبات خلال 7 أيام
  • 7-port expansion, combination of a docking station and a phone holder

  • Three USB ports, easily connect many devices to it at the same time

  • Connection with keyboard and mouse, phone can be used as a computer and you can edit documents faster

  • Gamepad connection, more agile gamepad operations

  • Projector connection, large screen projection makes office work on a mobile more convenient

  • Fast card reading, designed with an SD/Micro SD slot, plug and read without a drive

  • Type-C power jack, endless power supply with 15W high power

  • Holder design, put your device down fro expansion operate with one hand and enjoy the convenience for office work

  • TV connection, it projects films on the place to the TV for you to watch cinematic 4K video

  • Internal "chip", each function is controlled by an independent chip to ensure efficient operation

  • Portable and burdenless for outings, clamshell design, easy to be stored and packed anytime and anywhere


  • Applicable Ports: USB 3.0*1, USB 2.0*2, HDMI*1, SD*1, Miro SD*1, Type-C*1,Type-C plug*1

  • Type-C Plug: Plug into smart phones

  • Transfer Speed: USB 3.0*1: 5Gbps USB2.0*2: 480 Mbps

  • SD/Micro SD: Support SD/SDHC/SDXC, SD2.0 UHS-1, SD and Micro SD cards, cannot read at the same time

  • Type-C Female: Support 5V/3A(Max) for charging

  • USB Port Output: Support a maximum of 900mA output for USB 3.0.Support a maximum of 500mA output for USB 2.0

  • Applicable Systems: Windows 10, Android 8.0.0 and abovexEVxPw2K1570156637.jpgUO2AmVRe1570156641.jpgUnvRDdGi1570156646.jpgStEKpl6N1570156647.jpgkWlmQThT1570156647.jpgikYqmrBo1570156654.jpgewBYYBOd1570156654.jpgMABb6t7d1570156655.jpgVNgSPbzm1570156656.jpgxAbTQM181570156656.jpgnLC3BQ1I1570156657.jpg7Kuo9L3a1570156659.jpg3K27XmhT1570156662.jpg61wIXPDV1570156664.jpgZfq1LdmX1570156666.jpg

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سوق رمان يقدم خدمة الشحن السريع الى دول الخليج و مصر و الأردن و تركيا و امريكا

إرجاع الطلبات خلال 7 أيام

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